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Dan Smith
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United States

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My Ham Radio Interests
**** 04/03/09 MOBILE PICS ADDED *****
2M & 6M weak signal work & mobile HF, 30M PSK-31 is my newest kick.

My gear,Home Icom IC-7000,Via my wife for valentines day 2010, LDG AT-100PRO tuner.Astron 60M. One 80M loop and a inverted "V" at about 30 feet. Also A Mirage 10 in 160 out 2M amp for 2M SSB. NEw Ameritron AL811H with MFJ-962D Tuner
Mobile. Icom IC-706MIIG with N2VZ Turbo Tuner & Tarheel II 6-80M screwdriver antenna. Icom IC-208H with Dual band Opek antenna with and growing as we speak..

Other Interests
I Retired from the Timber Ind. in 2000 dew to injury, I love to get people interested in Ham radio.
Proud to say my wife is also a Ham (KD7YLF)
Same for my dad (KD7YLE)
If you hear me one the bands PLEASE put out your call sign... I send 100% QSL's to any I get. It would be great to hear from anyone here..

PNWVHFS #314 Pacific Northwest VHF Society)
W.A.R.T.S Net (Washington Amatuer Radio Traffic System): 1800Z or 6pm West Coast time on 3.970 (5 PM in the winter months)
NW SSB Net. Northwest Single Side Band Net on 3.945
CBN Net.Columbia Basin Net, operating on 3960 Khz
OEN Net. Oregon Emergency Net on 3.980
Noon Time Net: 3.970 & 7.268.5
30MDG #1070
EPC Member #10263
PODXS 070 Club Member #1112

Tarheel II Mount on Spare Tire Rack (Jeep Liberty)

from KD7UFF

Project Overview

I needed to change the mount I was using for my Tarheel II 6M-80M Screwdriver antenna.. I was using a K-400 Diamond mount.. The problem I had was when I would open the rear door of my Jeep Liberty I would have to pull the antenna back just a bit to get the window to pass the whip.. So needless to say after doing this for a while the mount broke where the antenna meets up with the flat part of the bracket.. SO I wanted to home brew up something that I would not have to move when I would open the rear door or window.. SOOOOOO what I came up with is a mount that uses the spare tire mount on the rear door of the Jeep Liberty. I took the center cap off the spare tire and there was a nice hole in the spare tire mount under the tire. So I took about 6-8 inch of 1/2" threaded pipe like you find at Home Depot or any local hardware store.. It fit just right.. I cleaned up a small lip on the spare tire mount so it would sit flat.. I also bought a few washers that the pipe would fit threw.. Taking a 1/2" pipe coupler on each side of the spare tire mount I had place to put the pipe on when the spare was back on the mount.. (I have pictures of the mount both on the spare mount with and with out the tire on it in my pictures) I then mounted the spare tire back on the Jeep then put the pipe in the coupler.. Then I took a 3/8 x 24 L bracket like you put on a pipe or mirror mount. Then ran my coax,ground & control wire for the Tarheel II antenna.. After it was all done I did add an 1/2" pipe cap to the end to clean up the looks.. Now I have to move nothing, the antenna is way more solid and has a better ground.. If the pipe is a bit to long just get inch or so shorter so you can put an end cap on the end.. Whe It was all done I thought I would paint it but I decide to just get some spray clear coat for it.. Pleas clean the pipe and couplers up good.. They come with a coat of oil type stuff on them.. Paint or clear coat DOES NOT stick to oil or coating to prevent rust.. Yeah I know what your thinking.. What are you going to do when you need your spare tire? Well I carry a small 7/16 wrench with me to loosen 2 of the bolts on the mount.. The antenna wires come off easy.. So in a few seconds I can have the antenna off and in the back of the Jeep to take the spare off.. If you would like more info or anything please email me at my call sign at

Materials and Tools
  • One 6 inch 1/2" threaded pipe. two 1/2" couplers for pipe. One 1/2" threaded pipe about 1/2" long to put threw the spare tire mount. 2-4 washers that fit around the small 1/2" pipe so the couplers push on the spare tire mount & space the small pipe. One 1/2" end cap for the long pipe to make it look better when done.. One small can of Clear coat or paint of your choice to put on the pipe to keep it from rusting & for looks. A few pipe wrenches & Vice Grips to tighten it all up..

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