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My Ham Shack is a place where you get a personal web page for you and your shack. Your friends, family and fellow Amateur Radio Operators will have a place to go to admire your Ham Shack. For example, if your callsign is W9SRK, then your web page address will be

You will have a Station Blog so you can write information about you, your ham shack, your experiences, etc.

You can build your network of Connections.

You will have a place to upload pictures of your ham shack and radio equipment to share with the world.

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Station Blog Activity

What's up with picture uploads? - From W2CO 12/2/2019
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Repairing Icom IC-751A - From W2CO 12/1/2019
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W5DJT Award Tracker - From WB4IUY 11/20/2019
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EQSLs in digital picture frame... - From WB4IUY 11/16/2019
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Working AM on 80 Meters - From WB4IUY 11/14/2019
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JARSFest This Sunday 11/17/19!! - From WB4IUY 11/13/2019
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Operating AM on my Icom IC-756 - From WB4IUY 11/12/2019
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Getting back on the bands - From K7VIQ 9/20/2019
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Geostationary ham band satellite. - From KC9SGV 9/20/2019
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QRPver Minion SDR! - From DG1SGW 9/3/2019
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Repeater Cabinet Motorola from KJ4IHL: This is a Motorola Repeater cabinet 7ft tall front and back door. Motorola spec.Make me an offer ,Doors lock vents in top. Read more ...

Heathkit HW-101, HP-23B, es D-104 mic combo from WB4IUY: Heathkit HW-101, HP-23B, es D-104 mic combo. From my personal collection, had this one since 1991. Clean, good condition, lots of little mods from Ham Radio Mag and such. The Classifieds seem to be having a problem uploading photos, message me at wb4 ... Read more ...

Ameritron AL-82 Ham Radio Amplifier from WB4IUY: This is a one-owner amplifier. I bought it new, and it's been sitting in the same spot on my desk ever since. I recently opened it up and installed new high voltage capacitors with higher voltage and capacitance ratings, the meter protection, arc, an ... Read more ...

SwinTek Full Duplex Radio System from WB4IUY: SwinTek Full Duplex Radio Interface System MK200DV & MK200DT with Charger & Battery. 75.44 mhz and 171.045 mhz, great for use around house for full duplex audio to and from shack. $50 w/Free Shipping in the USA Read more ...

MANUALS, BOOKS & HAM RADIO MAGAZINES from WB4IUY: I have loads of books & magazines. Here's a list of what I have on my server at: Read more ...

EF Johnson 250-846 Battery Charger from WB4IUY: EF Johnson 250-846 Battery Charger. Vintage battery charger for radios and small 12 vdc batteries. 15vdc output at 110 ma. Tested good, clean. $20 + shipping Read more ...