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Station Blog Activity

2015 ham equipment - From K3JEL 9/24/2015
(260 views) (0 comments)

Partial equipment list - From W7WAC 9/7/2015
(410 views) (0 comments)

KX3 - From VE3EEI 8/15/2015
(611 views) (0 comments)

1943 Station - From VE3LYX 7/12/2015
(1077 views) (0 comments)

Icom746pro - From N9ZDZ 7/11/2015
(1000 views) (2 comments)

call sign - From WB0IKM 7/11/2015
(3418 views) (0 comments)

Finally an Extra - From W9SRK 5/24/2015
(1440 views) (0 comments)

K4SOD repeater - From K1CSA 4/22/2015
(1441 views) (0 comments)

No 19 Wireless Sets on air - From VE3LYX 4/15/2015
(1503 views) (0 comments)

4/15 New vintage aka 'boat anchor' station! - From W6JBR 4/6/2015
(1538 views) (0 comments)


Latest Classifieds

Yaesu FT-2000D from W7WAC: I am in the process of getting the radio set up for photos and description but spare time is somewhat non-existent at this time. Hopefully with in the next couple of weeks I can get a full description out. At this point it comes with the matching pow ... Read more ...

things i have for trade from N9ZDZ: 1 HTX252 2 meter mobile Back light is out 2 Bearcat350a scanner 3 small 3 amp power supply 4 12 amp Astron Power supply 5 UV-588 dual band ht with drop in changer 7 8 element UHF BEAM 8 Hi-Band Tube Amp. would like a cheap hf rig tech special ... Read more ...