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My Ham Shack is a place where you get a personal web page for you and your shack. Your friends, family and fellow Amateur Radio Operators will have a place to go to admire your Ham Shack. For example, if your callsign is W9SRK, then your web page address will be

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Station Blog Activity

K4SOD repeater - From K1CSA 4/22/2015
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No 19 Wireless Sets on air - From VE3LYX 4/15/2015
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4/15 New vintage aka 'boat anchor' station! - From W6JBR 4/6/2015
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Hello folks - From N8OHU 3/12/2015
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Announced DXPeditions Webpage - From WB4IUY 2/26/2015
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53.29 repeater - From KB8CSL 2/12/2015
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443.600 repeater - From KB8CSL 2/12/2015
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224.680 repeater - From KB8CSL 2/12/2015
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224.720 repeater - From KB8CSL 2/12/2015
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Latest Classifieds

FT2000 with extra options from VE3REJ: I have for sale Yaesu 100W HF/6M AC/DC DSP XCV Serial no:F8300066. Included:-Original box,operating manual,The Nifty Mini-Manual,power cable,microphone MH31,firmware upgrade cable CT119,Ameritron Amp. ARB-704 interface buffer with cabling and plugs+ ... Read more ...

James Knight Type T-9 Quartz xtal units from WB4IUY: - Batch of James Knight Type T-9 Quartz xtal units, Metal can like tube w/Octal base. 50kc, 97kc, 99kc, 101kc, 103kc, 105kc, 107kc, 130kc, 144kc, & 150kc (2pcs). $5ea or $50 for the lot + shipping. Located and shipped from Youngsville NC, USA ... Read more ...

ISD1000A Voice Record/Playback chip from WB4IUY: - ISD1000A Voice Record/Playback chip w/20 second memory with application notes from Radio Shack (Archer), #276-1325. VERY easy to build digital voice storage with, I used these in some of my homebrew repeater controllers for voice ID functions. This ... Read more ...

KVP-5 rectifier blocks from WB4IUY: - KVP-5 rectifier blocks. 5kv @ 1A. Normally $41.34 ea, I'm selling these for $10 ea. Awesome rectifier for HV supply construction. Eliminates the need for a bunch of stacked diodes in your HV supply. Located and shipped from Youngsville NC, USA. ... Read more ...

Panel Meters from WB4IUY: - Loads of panel meters for sale. Too many to list, I've put a list of them online at: I update it each time a meter is sold. $10 each. If you want multiples, contact me and let's work a deal. Located an ... Read more ...

Weller WC1000 from WB4IUY: - Weller WC1000 Calibration Reference Unit For EC1000, EC2000 Series soldering stations. $50 shipped in the USA. Located and shipped from Youngsville NC, USA. Email me at with any questions or offers. Read more ...