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VINTAGE hallicrafter (circa 1950’s) General Coverage Receiver…with rare matching R-46A hallicrafter Speaker - For Sale

From N7JU

The hallicrafter Model SX-99 was a precision built, sensitive communications receiver providing frequency coverage of 538 KHz to 34 MHz. Eight (vacuum) tubes including the rectifier are employed in the superhetrodyne circuit that receives AM, CW and SSB (DSSB). A general coverage receiver with band spread vernier tuning, covers the 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 meter Amateur bands. WARAC bands are also covered by using the uncalibrated band spread tuning dial. A variable crystal filter, BFO, Noise blanker, and styled “S” meter provides relatively accurate signal evaluation. This receiver perhaps was one of the most popular ham radio receivers in the Novice days and can only be fully appreciated by OT’s of that era. It was originally purchased at a hamfest in Pennsylvania about 20 years ago in an attempt to reproduce my first Novice station paired with a DX-35. The receiver’s condition is good in that all tubes, knobs, and meters are intact and functional. It by no means is in mint condition but it has been well cared for. When acquired, a previous owner had removed the 5Y3GT tube-type rectifier and replaced it with silicon diodes. Not a good idea! When tube type equipment is turned on…the plates of all the other vacuum tubes are not supposed to see plate voltage until the 5Y3-GT also “warms up”. By using diodes, the plate voltage is slammed into the receiver before the other tubes have a chance to warm-up effecting tube life. The original 5Y3-GT tube type rectifier was returned to its original design solving the problem. Full documentation for this receiver is included, with a photo-paper copied 12 -page manual including calibration, tuning and schematic diagram. Tubes (octals) are still available: 6SG7, 6SA7, 6SK7, 6SC, 6SC7, 6H6 and a 6K6 Audio output. This receiver and matching speaker is great for SWL broadcast listening, a few extra points for contesting, a nice antique radio shelf in the shack, and….it is relatively EMT compliant. Asking $150 for the two items. John Hollar Coeur d Alene, ID,

Asking Price:$150

Item Number: 384 Placed: 7/16/2014 10:25:49 AM Contact Advertiser
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