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call signs in stained glass - For Sale


all prices depend on glass used and size and shapes you wish to have made. it is wide open as far as designs go. I do place glass ontop of a solid background and glue the callsign letters to the back glass. all letters are hand cut and ground at time of sale. nothing is premade at all. I cut the glass and hand grind and trim letters and anything you like to have on it myself. it does take average of 1 week for basic callsign on 1 solid glass piece. letters are aprox 4" tall unless we discuss bigger or smaller. I can make just about most designs if I can cut it by hand and file/grind it all by hand to make it look close I will try hard. They will not be some super detailed lettering in glass no engraving is done, I cut every piece out of new stained glass sheets and make then to order.

colors styles and everything is open. email for more info at
ke5htb at

I mainly charge what the materials cost me nothing more. my labor is covered by left over glass from each project to use for myself in other projects I do for myself.
average costs is around 25 to 30.00 and UP depending on glass choices and there are allot of choices to use. and size of glass piece, then you have pay the s/h to you is all. 50% down to make it other 50% at time it is done and before it is shipped. I will send high res pictures to you for viewing and final payment at that time.

if I have the glass in stock I can be more flexible for sure but dont plan on it as my stock is short most days now. I am a disabled ham doing this for a hobby like I do with Radio;'s also and not out to make profits just to keep my idle hands busy doing something other then flipping the TV or spinning the knobs on radio.

see examples of some radio glass works I have done here on my site.

Asking Price:aprox 29.99 depending on glass colors used

Item Number: 274 Placed: 2/14/2011 3:48:02 AM Contact Advertiser
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