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3 BR 2.5 BA Portland OR home with Tri-Ex W-51 tower - For Sale


Visit for details about the house, which has a Tri-Ex model # W-51 crankup tower that is 51 feet tall. The tower does not have a motorized winch - it is raised and lowered with a hand-cranked winch. There is no "raising fixture" with this tower, which is the heavy ground-mounted bracket/hinge assembly that allows a tower to be raised from or lowered to a horizontal position for installation or antenna servicing. There are two antennas on the tower, both clamped to a short piece of mast coming out of the rotator. One is a Hy-Gain model TH-3 series, 3-element triband yagi for the 20/15/10-Meter bands. Above the triband yagi is a 5-element vertically-polarized 2-Meter yagi, it also appears to be made by Hy-Gain. The rotor is a Ham-M/Ham II series. Other antennas are what appear to be a multiband inverted vee and another wire antenna. (Antenna details are from my dad's ham buddy - my dad passed away).

Asking Price:229,800

Item Number: 156 Placed: 8/2/2009 4:16:38 PM Contact Advertiser
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