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Ron Pendleton
General Class
KB3VEW Ham Since 2010
United States

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My Ham Radio Interests
HF -SSB on 75-80, 40 and 20 meters
2 Meter FM w/ ISS Interest
10 Meter Mobile SSB and AM
11 Meters AM and SSB
Scanner Radio
QRP on all Bands, Wanting Very Much To Learn Code So Look Out For Me!!

Latest Aquisition: YASEU FT-817nd w/ LDG z-817 AutoTuner, CW Filter, CrankerKnob and Custom Wooden Radio Support. Thanks To Uncle Ralph, K4FJM, and Aunt Pat !!!

KENWOOD TS-120s HF Station w/ MC-35s, VFO-120, SP-120, PS-30
MFJ-969 Ant Tuner and MFJ 931 Artificial Ground Running into a 60 Foot End Fed Random Wire 20 Feet In Air. Also use a Super Antenna MF1 for 40 Meters as well as portable work.

a. ICOM 2200h Base/Mobile b. TYT TH-F5 HT - 2 Meter
Homemade Copper Pipe J-Pole Base Antenna for 2 Meters

Radio Shack HTX-10 - 10 Meter

Various 11 Meter Radios from UNIDEN, Radio Shack, PACE , Pierce Simpson, JC Penney and GEMTRONICS

Additional Mics: Turner CS-1 and Turner +2 (No AMP)

Other Interests
Interested in Firearms, Emergency Preparedness, SOLAR Energy

The American Preparedness Radio Net
Stop by website and check out what they have to offer. NET Times Sunday and Thursdays On or about 3.818 mhz lsb. 8pm eastern( 0100z) Main net at 9pm(0200z).

Mission Statement

The American Preparedness Radio Nets goal is to use this net to teach people about becoming more self reliant and less dependent on outside help. We also will focus our efforts on Fellowship among any and all Ham Radio Operators new or old, that would like to join us. Our long term goal is to establish a network of preparedness minded Ham’s everywhere, to aid and assist with communications of like minded people, should any or all of the grid supported communications go down.

Ralph Collins Is Till With Us, Very Appreciative Of Your Emails and Support


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Update, as of 07/11/2011 Ralph is still with us. It is not to late to send an Email. His wife states that it will not be much longer and she thanks the HAM Community for the Overwhelming Response. And I thank you too. Ron

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