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Wayne White
General Class
KC9RFO Ham Since 2010
United States

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Yaesu FT-901DM
Yaesu FT-1900R
Dentron Super Tuner
Realistic DX-200
Yaesu 450D
Kenwood TS-2000

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Nascar Racing, Motor sports in general.Spending time with my 7 Grand kids,Computers,Antique Farm equipment!

President of the Twin Rivers Amateur Radio Club

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6/16/2011 6:30:41 AM (1 comments) Add a commentAdd Comment

Hi All,
It's been a month now since i passed my General class test. My shack is slowing coming together. Went to a hamfest in Granite City ,Illinois this last weekend and brought home a tuner and a swr/watt meter i was in need of. Still trying to find a cheap 10 meter radio :( .Working on a very tight budget due to some family issues that have occurred recently.
If anyone has a cheap 10 meter rig they would be willing to part with please contact me @ my call sign I have an inverted V up about 35 feet and will be trying to make my first HF contact today! Wish me luck!
73 Wayne KC9RFO

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by KC9RFO 11/20/2015 9:13:32 PM

Out with the old in in with the new. Recently purchased a brand new Kenwood-TS-2000 with MC-60 Microphone and dual SP-23 speakers. Also a Signalink USB, Diamond SX-600 swr watt meter! Been playing on digital modes at the moment.Only have a 40 meter dipole up only about 10 feet off the ground and a 10 meter vertical.

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