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Not very active at the moment due to lack of an HF antenna at base QTH but be prepared to catch me up on 4m band (70mhz) portable!

For any missing/unanswered cards please contact me here: EI7GMB at yahoo dot com

I am an eQSL user but have no plans for the LotW yet and no LotW entries are entered/replied.


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Kenwood TM-D700
Ascom SE550



And plenty of a radio related junk in the box awaiting its sunny day.

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Music, books, Linux, Raspberry PI, homebrew electronics, PMR conversions.

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A brilliant VHF enthusiast:

A short portable fun on 4m band.


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Today I woke up with an idea to go portable on 4m. I used my fabulous preforming dipole (described in "my projects" area). Err... fabulous cause its cost was around 3 euro and WSWR is 1:1.1. Was not sure how it is in reality. The only problem was how to mount it for couple of hours (or at least few minutes) either vertically or horizontally. No matter how, just to see what would I get out of it. Few seconds after problem got solved with Antron 99 sitting idle for last couple of months. This time was really unplugged (or passive, you name it as you want) acting as an antenna pole. Quite flexible though, as it emerged later on.

Well, the weather was just right, so hit the road, man! Lucky me, there is a pretty high elevated spot in a industrial estate just 5 minutes drive from my home. Not to mention that just couple of meters from "my" spot there is two telecommunication towers, so it speaks for itself. Okay my antenna needs to be erected (no hairy thoughts, guys and gals please) so I did. And eventually i found out two things - Antron was a bit too flexible, so I was waving this antenna as an banner or flag, or whatever it could be waived on the wind. Secondly the wind was twisting antenna arms pointing at its desired direction, and mostly against my target (UK and rest of Europe.) At times it was nearly as an propeller. No worries, a small splice of black insulating tape sorted it out.

First few calls at most obvious frequencies gave no result. Eventually I got back up from Michael EI3GYB. At very first moment Michael was on vertical slim Jim but my signal was strong enough (also reception - was weak and scratchy but with a bit of attention I was able to pick up his reply) and he switched on his directional antenna. Reception had improved dramatically! According to Michael - i got a "massive" signal ever, working on this antenna, since we got our first QOS a few weeks ago. No surprise, cause before it was vertical slim Jim and 1/4 mobile whip. This time it was 1/2L dipole working against 4m directional. Anyways he read out strong 59+30 making next to no difference read out even when my cross-look-alike antenna got twisted by the wind - in very same situation I was loosing his signal, but it still was far better than mobile vertical.

On one hand it was a bit disappointing that there were no band openings at this time of the day and I did not make any overseas contact. On the other hand it was a very successful day out, cause I have spent "ages" holding up this antenna having a long lasting chat with Michael, until my portable battery went completely flat...

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