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5/25/2011 2:51:35 PM (3 comments) Add a commentAdd Comment

Been thinking about getting my Amateur Radio License for years. I finally buckled down and started studying seriously. On May 5th, 2011, I passed my Technician & General License Test.

How exciting was it for you when you first saw your name and new call sign on the ULS website? I remember checking it daily the first few days after taking the tests. A week after, there it was, my new call sign posted on the ULS!

Haha, I felt like a 5 year old on Christmas morning. I bought a cheap Wouxun HT just to listen and get on a repeater if I was able to do so. The research started and I purchased my first rig with a mobile installation in mind as the covenant in my neighborhood does not allow antenna towers.

I settled on a Yaesu 8900R in hopes of being able to tune an antenna to work some 10m & 6m as well as 2m repeaters & 70cm.

Well... The process is never ending. What kind of antenna mount to buy for the Diamond CR 8900A antenna? There is so much to this Hobby that one could go broke!

If anyone has any advice on a mounting solution for a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo using the above mentioned equipment, please drop me a line.



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by W3LZK 6/5/2011 9:57:40 PM

Gerard, I used a large magnetic mount. Slap it in the middle of your roof and go for it. Really...thats what I did with my FT-8900r and the Diamond HV7A. Found the largest mag mount in this case a 3 magnet mount and put in the middle of the roof of my 03 Sport Trac. It works, but if you don't mind drilling a hole in your vehicle get a good NMO mount get a hole punched in the middle of your roof. The idea is to get as much of a ground plane around your antenna as possible. If you want to know more email me off list, but in the time being a mag mount will work.

73 de Mark

P.S. Congrats on passing both Tech and General in one sitting.

by KK4CAQ 6/6/2011 5:46:52 AM


Thanks for commenting. Diamond says not to center/body mount that antenna so I ordered a trunk/hitch lip mount. Seems to be working real well so far. Seems pretty well tuned already but I need to SWR. Seems like that will be kinda difficult as it covers 4 bands 6m, 10, 2m, 70cm. I know I am new to this but it seems all bands would be just OK or one or two bands like 2m, 70cm could be tuned optimally and 6m, 10m would be lacking or vice versa Oh well.. It is working is all I care about at this point. Looking for a cheap option for a rig to have in the house with a disguised antenna or something. Would love to spend the money on an Icom 7800 but not in this lifetime! Haha,

Any ideas feel free to let me know...


73 "G"

by W6QT 6/7/2011 5:36:41 AM

I'll also add my congrats to you for jumping up to General Class quickly! This hobby is quite interesting and there are so many different things to learn.

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