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George Dunagin
General Class
N5NNS Ham Since 1981
United States

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Greetings to all hams and the general populace!

From N5NNS

5/18/2011 10:54:28 AM (0 comments) Add a commentAdd Comment

I have been honored to have been a ham for the past 30 years. I was a Net Control Operator and later Manager for the morning Magnolia Section Phone Net. I was blessed to have served this organization for 7 years.

Having moved to the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina 3 years ago I (and my family) decided to start a new ham shack. Now, several months into it, I am again building antennas for HF, VHF and UHF. I have probably built some 80% of the designs "out there." I love the challenge, work, mental exercise and satisfaction when the antenna performs as expected. I have nothing against commercial antennas but to me this is one area where hams can really shine! From the yagi to the ground plane, quad to dipole, hexagonal beam to collinear, there is much satisfaction in the quality construction of each. In doing these projects on your own there is no "hype" and you certainly do end up with "the real thing." While there is no "magic" antenna, say a dipole, with 10 db of gain, there is a magic feeling when one designs and builds an antenna WITH 10 db of gain! And it is not that hard to do. And you know, there are some antennas and needs that NEVER require 10 db of gain. The antenna should do what YOU WANT and NEED it to do.

I will be posting photos and projects and appreciate any and everyone's comments and input. No one knows everything but together we can certainly learn, build better and have more satisfaction with our service and hobby.

Finally, for now, let me say again how honored I am and have been in being a ham and how much I have enjoyed serving others.

73 and 88's

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