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Greg Lee
General Class
HS0ZHM Ham Since 2006

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Other Callsigns
KI6GIG (General)
HS0ZHM (Intermediate)

My Ham Radio Interests
Emergency preparedness / communications, Weather observation

Free Emergency Preparedness lessons series: Several parts (i.e. Lessons 1-6, 9-10) of the 12 part series have been released. Although created originally focusing on natural disasters relative to Nan Province, Thailand, some of the information is general and can be readily adapted to other areas. For example, water is critical in all disaster situations. The information on prepare and replenishing water supplies can be useful in most disaster situations. We hope to complete the remainder of the series in 2012. The completed lessons are available at

Free MEWS (Mobile Emergency Weather Station) and weather observations lessons are available at my website. MEWS enables amateur radio operators to make valuable weather observations in disaster areas where there are few or no working weather stations. These weather reports can help relief helicopters to know flight weather conditions in the disaster area. Relief coordinators can use the weather data to understand the situation in the disaster area to better coordinate logistics and supplies for survivors.

You can read about MEWS at the following links:
1) at

2) at

To access the lessons, visit, then go to the “Pages & Links” section, and click on “RTC-TH MEWS Lessons".

The lessons are in English. I welcome any help from other amateurs to translate these lessons to other languages.

Thanks for visiting my page. Best wishes to you.

Yeasu FH-912 (Thai version of VX-170)
ICOM 2200T

VHF 2m antennas:
Spectral Isopole 144
Thai made Slim Jim (aluminum)
Arrow J-Pole
Home brew 450 ohm ladderline Slim Jim (re:
Home brew Slingshot beam (re:
Home brew Hentenna (copper) (donated by N7YLA)

EchoLink User node 384040 (active)
EchoLink Link node 520300 (in progress)

Other Interests
Environmental education, self-sufficiency and sustainability of small rural family farms, soil and water conservation, rain water harvesting, photography, applied geography

ARRL (US org), RAST (Thai org), GERC (Glendora Emergency Response Communications, Glendora, CA; US org); POARC (Port Orford Amateur Radio Club, Port Orford, OR; US org)

Free Lessons for New Tech License Holders


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I help out some friends in the Glendora Emergency Response Communications group (GERC). They recently held a Technician License study class and organized an FCC license exam. It turned out to be rather successful with 23 of the 28 people passing.

Like many organizations, recruiting is necessary for the long-term viability of the group. So talked about this with Mark, N7YLA, GERC's founder, and suggested that we get more pro-active about following up with the newly licensed Hams.

The result is 3 lessons for newly licensed Hams. The specifics of the lessons are geared to directing them into the world o Ham radio in such a way that they are prepped for becoming functional GERC members IF they chose to actively participate. But the lessons guide them to learning and doing things that make it an easy transition into GERC. For example, when getting to the part about buying their first radio, we followed the GERC list of features, accessories and capabilities. If later they decided to become active in GERC, they are already in sync with the group for better interoperability. But there is lots of information that can be used by Hams in general.

Please be aware the lessons were meant for self-study by a person sitting at a computer. So the "slides" were not intended for projection in a classroom. Some slides are heavily loaded with text which would be hard to read at classroom viewing distances.

Lesson 1 is a general orientation (keep in mind, in the US, no Morse code is required for the Technician License so the focus of these lessons is VHF operating)
Lesson 2 leads up to buying their first HT
Lesson 3 is about caring for their new HT

The lessons are available free individual and educational use so long as nothing is altered, no changes are made to the material, and no charge or profit results from their use.

The PDF lessons are found out our website,, the scroll down the left column to the section "RTC-TH / GERC Collaborative Lessons".

Best wishes to everyone.

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