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Michael Koffler
Extra Class
W6QT Ham Since 2004
United States

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My Ham Radio Interests
I am retired and living a few months out of each year in the Philippines.

Some of my past working background involved work in medium market radio and television stations in Eastern and Western Oregon USA.

I have a reciprocal operating permit for operating a Class "A" station in the Republic of the Philippines.

Really like boat anchors receiving and transmitting equipment. Like to build certain crystal radio designs to see what long distance signals I can get.


Other Interests

I am an International Associate Member of PARA, the Philippine Amateur Radio Association.

Relocation to Philippines

From W6QT

5/13/2011 5:48:23 PM (0 comments) Add a commentAdd Comment

Look forward to getting on the air in the Philippines probably in June or July 2011. Will have to set up my station and antennas...lots of work to do.

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