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Robert Rauh
Technician Class
Ham Since 2002
United States

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Icom ic 2100H
Icom ic 2720
Icom ic T90a
ADI tm 247
Galaxy DX99

Other Interests
I am an active off roader in dirt bike, quads and 4x4
I am currently rebuilding my 88 Jeep XJ.
I also collect rocks minerals and fossils. Collecting and examining the local terrain for rock that may contain exotic minerals and crystals.
If I am not outdoors I am working on models or air brushing.


Finaly a different QsO


4/1/2011 1:29:02 PM (1 comments) Add a commentAdd Comment

I was listening to one of the repeaters near my office in mid Orange County, and a group is finally talking about other than what kind of equipment they are using. The are talking about medical cannabis. I dont condone the use of Weed but its something different something other than "Hi I am xx#xxx I am running such and such gear, I am handy capped, What is your name what equipment are you using?
My god how boring! And people wonder why I dont transmit. Yeah call me a sand-bagger that fine, but If I hear a subject worth talking about then I will join in if I have something to say but not until then.
I know a few other operators that feel the same way so I am not the lone solider here.

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by N0VF 4/30/2011 11:59:49 AM

The repeater group here is just the opposite. Were always talking about everything and rarely the equipment. Oh sure, every now and then there will be a discussion about a new rig or antenna but once it's up and running, who cares... let's talk about something else... food, guns, projects, cars, motorcycles, vacations, home improvement, solar, portable, fishing.... whatever. Bummer that you have the "I'm a professional" crowd there. I'd go crazy :)

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