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David De Vera
General Class
N6QDY Ham Since 1987
United States

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Other Callsigns
KB6SYT - Killer Bee 6 Show Your Touche'

My Ham Radio Interests
Enjoy building Repeaters, Links, remotes, etc...
Work for a private company who takes care of Publice Safety Agencies in the Sacramento Valley and beyond...

147.255+ pl 123 Hz
- Motorola/ MotoTRBO XPR8300
- Tancred, CA

441.100+ pl 123 Hz
- Motorola/ GR300
- El Dorado Hills, CA

....and more...

Other Interests
Christian music
Jazz music
Keyboards and guitar

Users Group:
Valley Emergency Radio Association.

Keep the faith....

From N6QDY

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Like many jobs, there are pluses and minuses.
I have many years of electronics under my belt (doesn't mean I know everything, believe me.) Anyways, in February of 2007 I was laid-off by a Biotech company after 6+ years of, what I believe to be, faithful service.... I received a compensation package and by the grace of God I landed this NEW CAREER in commercial radio 2.5 Weeks later. Well, it's been 4+ years ago, and as you can imagine I enjoy this job 10 fold!

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