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Mark Calhoun
General Class
KF5JRE Ham Since 2011
United States

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Meeting New People. Making New Friends. DX conversations.

ICOM IC-7000 HF/6m/2m/440MHz All Mode Transciever;
Ameritron AL-572 1300 Watt Amplifier;
MFJ-998 IntelliTuner;
Hy-Gain AV-6160, 6-160m, 43' Vertical w/38 Radials;
Jetstream LBT-1 2m/70cm, Base Antenna, 28' Mast;
MFJ G5RV Antenna, 25' Apex, 5' Insulators;
Comet UHV-6 80m-440MHz Mobile Antenna (All Coils);
LDG IT-100 Autotuner for UHV-6;
BetterRF Comapny 7000 Tune & Scredriver Controler.

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February 10, 2011. KF5JRE Station Wiring Completed Today.


2/10/2011 8:42:25 PM (2 comments) Add a commentAdd Comment

Welcome to the official blog of Amateur Radio Station KF5JRE.

My name is Mark Calhoun. I am the Owner/Operator of this radio station.

My station is located at 18 Bybee Circle, Huntsville, TX 77320-1003 USA. North 30° 46' 45.6" West 95° 40' 29.0". Grid Square EM20ds.

I finally completed the wiring of my station today!

Exactly 4 weeks ago, on 1-10-2011, I started by ordering my gear from as they had the best prices AND offered free shipping. I didn't even have my license yet. Since then, I have dug an antenna foundation pit; drove a bunch of ground rods; mixed and poured 10 bags of concrete; assembled the antenna; dug 50 foot of ditch and put 2 1/2" conduit in it for my antenna feed to the vertical; soldered the ends on 30 radials and staked them out along with the 8 radial kit I ordered with the antenna; put up a 28 foot mast for the 2m/440MHz antenna; made up a boat load of LMR-400 coax lines and RG-213 jumper cables; made a cable entrance thru the back wall, and, finally got everything assembled the way I want it.

In the midst of all this I was supposed to somehow study for for my Technician test, and my General test, while building a fence, taking care of my Mom and carrying on with normal day-to-day life. I ended up studying for about 6 hours for my Technician test and about 6 MINUTES for my General test. I then took 2 practice tests for the General and failed them both. I took part of a practice test for the General the day of the test and realized I had no hope of passing it and quit.

On Saturday, Janruary 22, 2011, I went to Fire Station Number 2 in Huntsville, Texas, to take the test. I only missed one question on the Technician test AND THAT WAS THE ONE I CHANGED THE ANSWER ON! It was about the ITU and contries requesting Amateurs not contact their citizens.

I then took the General test anyway. After all, it was just a test and I had nothing to lose by taking it. I opened the test booklet and ..... I couldn't believe it..... there were the questions I had seen on the practice tests I had failed and so I KNEW the WRONG answers. I just made sure to pick the most logical answer that I didn't pick on the pratice tests. I turned my test in and went outside and wondered around. When I came back in, the first grader gave me the thumbs up sign! I was so stunned I about fell down right there in the floor. I went outside and busted up laughing. It was great!

A little later on a ham said to me "you really broadened your horizons when you got your General." At that time I really didn't realize what a major acomplishment passing the General test was and what he meant by that comment. Later at home I looked at a Band Plan and saw that by getting my General ticket I practically DOUBLED the amount of frequencies that I can operate on. Now I am dying to get my Extra ticket so I can operate on all frequencies.

Since getting my license, I have already talked to the East and West coasts, Northern and Southern USA, Central Plains USA, Canada, and, Puerto Rico. Late last night I heard someone from Johanasburg, South Africa calling "CQ" on 40 Meters. I didn't even have the amp ready to go for that band. I frantically twirrled dials and flipped switches to get it all set, keyed my mike and said "This is Kilo Foxtrot............." and I forgot my call sign. I was so flustered and excited about being able to actually talk to another human being clear around the planet that we live on, on my little radio station, that I forgot what to say. I un-keyed my mike and let someone else try to get a contact in while the band was open. Literally just @ 90 seconds later I couldn't hear him at all. The window had shut.

I'm really happy to be a member of the Amateur Radio Community. I look forward to talking to you all some day. I really like working 160 Meters and 20 meters, but, I surf all the bands and frequencies and could be anywhere. If you hear "Kilo Foxtrot 5, Juliet Romeo Echo" give me shout back!

73's to everyone!

Mark Calhoun

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by N0VF 2/15/2011 6:20:41 AM

Welcome Mark! and congrats on your General!

by N2NUV 6/12/2016 7:29:27 PM

Hello Mark,
Saw your post hole vac idea - GREAT idea. I am going to put in a couple of 4 x 4 posts for a volleyball and badminton area for my kid.
Hope all is going ok with you and your station. ditto congrats on your general

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