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Cliff Fox
Extra Class
KU4GW Ham Since 1996
United States

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My Ham Radio Interests
Interests: CW,QRPTTF,DX,HF CONTESTING,PSK31,MFSK,FELD HELL also know as HELLSCHREIBER,6,10,20,40,60,75, & 160 Meter Phone,CW, and PSK31, FT8, and JS8Call Digital Modes.

Hangouts: SKCC and FISTS CW Club's Call Frequencies +/- 1 kHz.

My HF equipment consists of a Yaesu FT-1000MP Mark V exciter, a Yaesu FT-897D, and an Ameritron AL-80B 1000 Watt HF Linear Amplifier and 2 Yaesu MD-100A8X desk mics. My HF antennas consist of a Solarcon A-99 vertical (Antron 99) for 10-17 meters up 30 feet (9.14 meters)on a telescoping pole and a 260 feet(79.26 meters) long doublet antenna horizontal at 30 feet(9.14 meters) high for use on 10-160 meters, and a Double Bazooka coaxial dipole up as a inverted V for 75/80 meters. I also use a Palstar AT-1500CV antenna tuner. I own 3 Morse Code keys, a J.H. Bunnell CJB26003A Navy Flameproof, a Czech Army R-31 straight key, and a Vibroplex Chrome Deluxe Vibrokeyer single lever paddle that was willed to my by W4CUX Bill Worley SK. My QRP rigs include a Ten-Tec R4020 and a Hendricks PFR-3A. The Hendricks rig was also willed to me by W4CUX SK.

Other Interests
SKCC # 652C

FISTS # 16001

Club72 # 46

4SQRP # 536

The Great Outdoors Radio Club # 399

Feld Hell Club # 062

Flying Pigs QRP International # 1183

NAQCC # 1491

QRP Zombie # 867

GRIT # 171

AFC(Ambassadors For Christ) # 1184 Scroll to bottom of page and click on AFC link.


7240 Club # 1303

30 Meter Digital Group(30MDG#865)

European Phase Shift Club (EPCC#27746)

Digital Modes Club (DMC#6362)

ARRL's A-1 Operator Club, A1 CW Club, ARRL, SKCC, FISTS, FPQRP, NAQCC, Feld Hell Club, 4SQRP Group, NJQRP Club, Club72, Digital Modes Club, 30 Meter Digital Group,the European Phase Shift Club, the Great Outdoors Radio Club(GORC),, Southcars, 7240 Club, QRP Zombie Group.


From KU4GW

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Very 73 de Cliff KU4GW in Taylorsville, North Carolina
Grid Square EM95iv

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by N0VF 1/11/2011 6:11:24 PM

Amateurfunk junker!
Congrats on the new toys!

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