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Primarily CW here with some AM activity. I love to recondition old gear and use on the air. Been a communications industry worker for 40 years which includes AM Transmitter (BC) Engineering, Marine Electronics, Two-Way Radio, and Cellular.

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From AG4YO

1/8/2011 11:40:03 AM (2 comments) Add a commentAdd Comment

There's an old joke about an order of monks who observe complete silence all their lives. The only exception is once a year, at a dinner, they can speak whatever is on their mind. Every year they all speak except Father Fred. For 20+ years when it was his turn, he shook his head as having nothing to say. Finally on the 25th year he spoke. "The food is lousy!", he said. Everyone was flabbergasted. The head Brother asked "Father Fred, you have remained silent for 25 years and your first words are criticism?", Father Fred responded, "Up until now everything was ok."

Like Father Fred, Hams don't say much about the politics of ham radio. People are elected to clubs and national organizations and effect change without much of an actual mandate. Hams are prone to complain after the fact about change when a little effort up front could have prevented it.

I also observe that we're talkers by nature, full of ideas for amateur radio but generally short on action. Much of this is due to the advanced age of amateurs with a median age now approaching 70. I like to quote the statistic that amateur radio is a dangerous hobby in that more hams die each year than people die in skydiving accidents!

Personally I am 60, my brain still thinks I am 20, and my body tells me I'm 80. Still, there is much we can do for amateur radio that does not require much physical effort. Dedicate one hour per week to search the web and seek out ham radio news. Skip the Pollyanna of the ARRL site; it is a flowers and bunny rabbits view of ham radio. When you see something you don't like, write an email or letter to the ARRL and insist they take action.

One more thing... It's time to stop spinning the dial when you hear bad amateurs or rule violations. IIf every ham got the call sign of the bad boys and wrote an email to the FCC, it would make a difference. And if you don't know who to send them to, send them to In case you live in a cave, Laura Smith took Riley Hollingsworth's place two years ago. Don't whine to her, just flagrant rules violations like QRM, out of band operation, out of privilege operation, and use of the F word or talk of sexual acts. Start with the big ones.

The one time you SHOULD spin the dial is when you hear a topic you disagree with. The world will not crumble because you didn't defend the Republican or Democrat political party. Go off and start your own rant on the subject on another frequency.

Most important of all, don't forget to have FUN! I know one old ham who gets on with his buddies every night and just sits there. He rarely says anything except to insult or criticize and generally the same thing every night. What's the fun in that? Hello?!

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by N0VF 1/9/2011 6:58:13 AM

Well said Charlie!

by KE7TDY 1/10/2011 12:06:56 AM

Hey all~
My first time on this site, and I get to read an AWESOME blog post!

Charlie, you made some great points, thank you :)

May I add two additions?
1. For reporting rule violations, also see if you can't find an O/O

2. For rule violations, Try to document it

3. For find HAM Radio News, use a feed reader and search for the words Amateur Radio [also try with Ham Radio, but personally I've had more luck with the full 'proper' name]

I personally use Google Alerts and have daily Ham headlines delivered to my inbox. In fact, that's how I found this site ... with a link directly to this post!

~J [ke7tdy]

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