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Ken Dennis
Advanced Class
KA9PAW Ham Since 1983
United States

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KE9ND is my current callsign

My Ham Radio Interests
Interested in HF and 2 meter

Kenwood TS-830S for HF
Yaesu FT-2900R for 2 meter FM
Heathkit SB-200
RigBlaster Pro
Hallicrafters SX-110

Other Interests
Motor Cycles
Ghost Hunting


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My first experience with radio communications was in 1964 with an Allied Radio, Knight Kit C-100 walkie-talkie kit that I put together with my trusty Weller soldering iron and began to try and make contacts around the neighborhood with others that also had walkie talkies or CB radios. Being only 100 milliwatts and only one channel, not too many QSOs were made. I then graduated to a used Lafayette HE-20a (8 channel) crystal controlled 5 watt CB radio with a Super Magnum antenna on the roof that I operated as KPK-8133 for a few years. I had a great time with that radio meeting lots of guys and girls in the surrounding neighborhoods, and talking well into the night and sometimes into the early morning till dawn. I remained on CB until about 1968 as other interests evolved. (girls and cars) In 1982 I found a Knight R-100a receiver for sale listed in the local paper, that receiver piqued my interest in radio again and I then became an amateur novice in 1983 at the age of 33. My first rig was a used Heathkit HW-101 that I used to make many CW contacts with, I worked All States with that rig, and then when I became a General class operator I connected my D-104 mike and started operating SSB phone. Soon after that I upgraded to an Advanced class license. I then started to look at some newer radios in 1985 and decided to purchase a used Kenwood TS-830S from Erickson Communications in Chicago . I am currently still operating the same Kenwood TS-830S with a Shure 444D microphone, and a Nye SpeedX brass rectangular Keyer for CW, with an all band 130 foot Dipole antenna made from THHN 14 wire from Home Depot fed in the center with 450 ohm ladder line to an MFJ -941C tuner. I have had this tuner since I was a novice in 1983. This antenna design is what I have been using since I first became a Ham, it covers 80 thru 10 meters very well for me. I also have a Yaesu FT-2900R for 2 meter FM operation.

I was inactive on the ham bands for quite a few years ( about 20) while raising a family. I have just recently erected an antenna (late fall of 2010) and brought out the Kenwood TS-830 from storage and set it up in my office at home. I hope to have the time and the interest to get back and start making some more QSOs. So far the interest and commitment is strong.

My other interests are playing Golf whenever I get a chance, (Spring, Summer, Fall) which is usually about once a week, if I'm lucky. Autocross racing with a modified 2007 Solstice GXP (best 0-60 time is 4.7 seconds) It is actually built for cornering, and not for straight line acceleration, although that doesn't hurt. It produces about 375 horsepower. It has been corner weighted and weighs less than 3000 pounds with me in it. I belong to the INR chapter of the SCCA. I also love to ride my 2006 Harley-Davidson Dyna Wide Glide when weather and time permit. I just became a grandfather this past April of 2010. Life is good!

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