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Billy Denton
General Class
N4WXI United States

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My Ham Radio Interests
My radio interest include all the digital modes, SSB, Rag chewing, VOIP, APRS.
Echolink Node: 423664

IC-756 PROII, IC-7600, IC-D800, IC-2720, FT-8900, VR7X, TS-2000, D710A, TH-D72A, Ameritron AL80A. Numerous wire antennas covering all the bands in dipole and loop configurations and to round it out a GAP vertical 80/10. UHF/VHF antennaes include Cushraft dual band 4el beam, Comet tribander for 2/440 and 6 meter. Comet quad bander verical for 2/440 6 and 10 meter FM work.

Other Interests
Collecting firearms, handgun shooting, woodworking and photography.

South Coast Amateur Radio Service VoIP (SCARS) E1240
Ten Ten International 53024
30 Meter Digital Group (30MDG) 3221


From N4WXI

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Check out my shack video @
The grand kids think it is cool :).

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