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Sevier (Jr) Odom
General Class
KC4VPJ Ham Since 1990
United States

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My Ham Radio Interests
I have been interested in “Radio” most of my life! At the age of ten, I received a Hallicrafter “Kiddee” short wave receiver. My Brother-in-Law, who was an engineer on a B-29 in the Air Force at the time, helped me set it up. Even then, it was primarily plastic construction but worked for my enjoyment and opening the door to wireless communication to me. I became interested in getting my ham license shortly afterward, but being in remote area and having to travel a couple of hours or more for testing, put the effort on hold being a kid growing up.

After graduation and in the job world, I jumped into CB in the mid 60’s. I was very active in this for many years with much equipment and actually becoming a small dealer selling, installing, and doing minor repair as a hobby! Being a hobby, there was very little second “small” income. I had taken an NRI course in electronic repair and became even more interested in the “mechanics” of wireless communication. I was a member of several CB clubs and frequented CB Jamborees (which was the CB version of Ham Fests). I enjoyed the humor and color various uniforms and decorations of the different clubs and was just as “crazy” with my attire.

My break into my wish of getting into Amateur radio came true about 1990 when some local Hams did a Novice class at the local Jr College Adult Center. I was on the air finally on 10 meters and utilizing the Morse code I had practiced as a Senior Patrol Leader in the Boy Scouts during my teens. Shortly thereafter, I upgraded to Technician Plus and I was on “cloud nine” with VHF, UHF, and 6 meters. I utilized the projects in CB building antenna projects, kits, and anything else related. Some things were just similar crossover projects. (10 and 11 meter were very close and VHF was not a lot different with a little redirecting needed. The antenna projects were better with VHF as the whole concept was much smaller and easier to handle. It is hard to describe the enjoyment I had with antenna experimenting and designing through this time of my life.

The working world took a lot of my time and the family growing put me in a stalemate position of upgrading as my plate was full of have to’s, want to’s, and gotta do’s. It is regretful; I have always wanted to go up all the upgrades to Extra. At this time, I cannot devote as much time to the Technician area as I want to because of the full days and nights I have. Maybe one day soon…………!

I am very active in our local ARES groups. Our little group here in Madison County Florida is always active when needed. We have regular monthly meetings on the 2nd Tuesday of each Month at our local County EOC where we share a communications room with the County EOC. We also participate in several nets, including our own VHF net on our local 2m repeater (145.190 -600 pl-123)and other emergency oriented nets in surrounding Counties, States, and beyond! We also have a UHF Hub repeater (442.000 +5meg pl-123), and also inline with the DOT/Amateur Radio FL SARS Statewide network (444.300 +5meg PL-94.8). I/We also monitor the National ARES simplex call channel (146.550) and National Simplex call channel (146.520). Our group is a regular check-in participant on the daily morning ARES HF Emergency Net and the evening North FL Phone Net both occurring on 3.950.

I am always involved in various testing we do during the year checking equipment and location results Countywide for and the surrounding Districts by base, mobile, and portables. We take pride in our ability to be ready and willing and enjoy the many practice/testing activities that we schedule ourselves to “be better than the last time!”


Wow! This is going to be lengthy! Let me condense as best as I can.


Kenwood 440 and matching power supply with a 2 meter conversion kit.
Ten-Tec 546 and matching power supply
Kenwood TS-50


2=Alinco DR130
2-Alinco DR150’s
Alinco DR110
Alinco DR635
Icom IC2100
3-Kenwood TMD700
Kenwood TMD707
Kenwood TR7400A
Kenwood TM441A
Tait 2015
2-Vertex FTL2011
Yaesu FT2500
Yaesu FT8000
Yaesu FT1802
Yaesu FT1807
Yaesu FT3000


2 Alinco DR MO6's
2 Azden PCS7500H
Kenwood TS60
Yaesu FT 690R
Wouxun KG-UV5D
2 Six Meter amps


3-Baofeng UV5R
Icom ICW21AT
Kenwood THD7
Kenwood 205 (The best long distance communicator HT I have ever owned)
Standard C508A
Wouxun KG-UV5D
Yaesu FT50
Yaesu FT60


KLM 140
Mirage 5016
Mirage 3016G
2-Mirage 2516
Mirage 1016
Mirage B215
RFConcepts 2-170

Power Supplies….

Kenwood PS50
Trip-Lite PR60
Trip-Lite PR40A
Several other 35 Watts on down
All of the above are in place at home, in vehicles, or “stored” for emergency setup and use when needed! I also "loan" to others in an emergency or equipment failure for short periods of long as I am extremely familiar with and trust them.

ANTENNAS….. I will shorten this list by listing as….


4 Dual Band VHF/UHF Gain GP
1 UHF Hy-Gain VR4R GP
3-Homemade VHF GP and several J-Poles
Stacked(2) 8 el Hy-gain VHF Beams
4 el 10m Cushcraft HF yagi
3 el Homemade 17m yagi
Long wire HF
6 meter Dipole
6 meter CushCraft Ringo


1-Diamond VHF/UHF
5/8 Hustler VHF
2-1/4 wave VHF
Hustler MO2 base with various resonators

I have 2 towers on my property along with other random antennas attached elsewhere. My tower 1 has stacked 2m 8el HyGain yagi's on top. Directly below is a 4el CushCraft 10m yagi. Below the 4el and just above the top tower plate is my homemade 3el 17m yagi. The yagi's are rotated by an ever faithful Alliance HD73 rotator mounted recessed in the tower. Offset below the tower plate is a HyGain V4R UHF Gr Plane. Hanging below this is my 4:1 Balun which handles my homemade variation of an HF offset windom wire antenna!

Tower 2 has a 2m HyGain V2R mounted above the tower top. I have a CushCraft 2m AFM4D 4 bay mounted on a single upper leg of the tower offset 180 degrees intended for an APRS Digipeter. On the opposite side, I have a CushCraft 6m Ringo Gr Plane mounted on an offset arm. Directly below the 6m, I have an Avanti 27mhz Astroplane mounted also on an offset as I have not totally forgotten my early 60's beginning in CB activities. I am not active on 27 mhz, but have it in case needed for nothing else but for emergencies.

I have a couple of pics uploaded of the 2 tower mountings! The finished one shows my “prickly” homemade static dissipaters of which was a suggested cheaper way to build them than the ones sold that are very expensive to buy. This was a tip from the suggested detailed grounding techniques of a GT Graduate Engineer that taught equipment and tower grounding over his lifetime.

I also other numerous misc equipment working and non-working as is the norm with!

I will add pics and info at a later date of the communications "Cubby hole"!

Other Interests
God, family...especially GrandKids, fishing, hunting, camping, friendship, and always trying to do what's right!

My wife and I are both retired and planned to travel after retiring until our kids, Gr Kids moved back to help us...............yes.......and then had more Gr Kids! Now we are "bonding more than!

I am an ARRL (Amateur Radio Relay League) member and try to represent the best interest of the organization. My primary interest of this organization is the ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Services) and I am active in our local ARES and the North Florida ARES Group (NFAG).

I was also a member of our local Ham Club group for year that is inactive at the present….AROM…Amateur Radio Operators of Madison.

Our Club now is MARC...Amateur Radio Operators of Madison which is which is ARES based but not specifically. We meet at our local County Emergency Operations Center where we have the support of and also support it. We have a shared private Communications room at the facility for exercises and emergencies!

Uploading pics!


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I have tried to upload pics several different times with several different pics with no success in the last couple of months! I am using jpg pics that have always uploaded on other sites OK. Every try, I get the message back:

"This is not a valid image. We allow only .GIF and .JPG files Caption or description for file (Required - must be unique) 6MB file maximum".

All the pics are 1 meg +or- and are all jpegs!

I have sent message to "contact us" twice with no response to email address! I am wishing to upload many pics but need help with this problem. Has anyone else encountered this situation and if so, what was the cure?

If preferred, I can be contacted at also!

Thanks to any help with this issue!


Read the 2 comments after the break below.


by N0VF 1/8/2011 9:01:06 AM

check the extension on the file. sometimes I get ahead of myself and get an extra .jpg on the file and it causes me problems...
also make sure that your putting in the caption or description as required

by KC4VPJ 1/12/2011 11:23:36 AM

I tried changing JPG but did not work! I then changed to GIF and it worked although pic quality suffered drastically. Pic quality specifically.....couldn't make me look any!

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