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william saint
Foundation Class
WS7SAINT Ham Since 2010
United Kingdom

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Other Callsigns
My call sign is
M6AUM Not Ws7saint

william saint

My Ham Radio Interests
Amateur Radio Licence Holder
I am a selfemployed Marketing Contractor
William Saint Uk

Studio Equipment
Other Equipment

Other Interests
website business developer

Previously a member of the Honchurch radio club
Which was based at the Fairkytes arts centre Honchurch essex uk
As a musician I have attended music clubs to take part in music events regularly or occassionally clubs and venues i have attended are
Romford folk club Function room the sun pub london road Essex
Folk and blues club Ruskin house 23 coombe road south croydon
Sharps Folk Club Cecil Sharps House regents palace road
Ealing Folk club

To Live Dangerously-William Saint


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I would say is to 'abuse' yourselves
Or not to plan for your future
Or Not make effort to develop relationships any relationships

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