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Derek Lyon-McKeil
Extra Class
AI6F Ham Since 1993
United States

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Other Callsigns
M0GVK in the UK

My Ham Radio Interests
Emergency Communications, General playing around with radios. Doing VE sessions.

My Shack is a 1987 Suburban 4x4 that started life as a news van. It was converted to a satellite up-link truck and then surplussed out. They took the TV gear and antennas but left me the 4kW generator built in power distribution system and dual battery system.

TM D-710

Other Interests
Volunteer with Cal Fire Volunteers In Prevention. One of my duties is working in a fire lookout tower. I also get to work on the communications van. I'm a member of the Military Vehicle Collectors of California and I have a 1954 Army ambulance. I also enjoy railroading and maritime history.

Sunnyvale ARES, Sunnyvale CA.

The Hustler Antenna

From AI6F

12/6/2010 6:18:23 AM (4 comments) Add a commentAdd Comment

OK, so I have heard of a thing that you can attach to a Hustler HF antenna that will allow you to mount three radiators in different bands at once. I was poking around HRO and I found the little kit bit that allows this to be done so I bought it for under $10 and put it on the Hustler on the truck. I put up the radiators for 20m 40m and 75m and then ran the analyser over it and surprising enough it seems to work OK in all three bands. There is a slight bit of tuning that will need to be done to get them to be more in the centre of the band/s but it seems to work. The downside is that with the three radiators bolted to this thing driving around with it is a bit out of the question and it is a bit hard to get in the truck for "stowage" when on the road. Not to mention it looks pretty weird on top of the truck (The neighbours already think I'm nuts). The up side is I can switch bands without getting out of the truck. At the moment, I have all the bits except for the mount to put up a second Hustler. With an antenna switch in the truck I could effectively have 6 bands without getting out of the truck, something to think about.

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by WB4IUY 12/6/2010 6:31:07 AM

Many years ago, I did something similar. I cut out a large triangle from thick aluminum. I drilled holes in the center and the near the points for the mounting bolts to pass through, then folded the corners down on about a 45 degree angle. I installed it on the Hustler shaft with one coil in the middle (to secure the plate, and on on each corner. That gave me 4 bands and it worked great. I have seen a similar setup with a piece of square metal, providing a coil on each corner and one in the center for a total of 5 bands.

I used a piece of nylon cord wrapped around the center coil and tied forward to the front of the truck bed to keep it from leaning back from wind resistance while driving. Never had any problem, just got lots of strange looks, heheheheheh...


by AI6F 12/9/2010 3:23:30 PM

I'll have to give that a try. I'd like a couple more bands without climbing on the roof of the truck. I did think about tying off the mast for driving but I run into a different issue. The antenna is on the roof rack. By the time everything is said and done I'm above the 13 ft 6in vertical clearance to get under overpasses.

by AI6F 1/6/2011 5:43:26 AM

So I inherited a bunch of odd stuff from a silent key. 90% is bits and whatnots which are good for projects and such. In the stiff was this odd little bracket that i never thought much about. After buying the bracket to add the three resonators on the hustler antenna I noticed this bracket was made to put four resonators on a hustler. Go figure, had what I needed all the long...

by WB4IUY 1/6/2011 8:02:48 PM

If you put one on each corner of the mount (they're usually at about a 30 degree of so angle from vertical), you can mount a 5th one in the middle to hold the whole assembly onto the mast. Bingo...5 band antenna!

Tune the highest band first, and work your way down. Their tuning will interact a bit, but you can go through the process 2-3 times and get them all dialed in nicely.

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