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AL Alexander
Extra Class
K3ROJ Ham Since 1961
United States

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My Ham Radio Interests
Enjoy using CW on all bands. Presently use the lastest SDR software and experiment with using other transceivers to reaceive using SDR techniques. VHF/UHF and Microwaves are fun.

Flex Radio 5000A, Flex 1500 and a various assortment of other transceivers which are considered antiques compared to the Flex Radio gear.

Other Interests
Gardening, Radio astronomy, fishing in Canada, target shooting.

I am a member of the AERO Amateur Radio Club in Middle River, Md.

SDR Conversion

From K3ROJ

11/22/2010 4:16:52 AM (0 comments) Add a commentAdd Comment

I presently use a Flex Radio 5000A and a Flex 1500 SDR radios but my other transceivers are never used. We did purchase rack panel coversions off of E-Bay which do look nice with the IC756PRO, IC910H and FT847 rigs in their repective rack panel with all three in a cabinet made for that purpose which was given to me years ago by a friend.
While browsing the web, we found a site where someone found an easy way to convert the IC910H to display it's receiver on a monitor. The 910H uses I.F. stages right around 10.850 MHz which is ideal to pick off and send to an SDR receiver such as the SDR-IQ made by RF Space and available at Ham Radio Outlet for about $499. Since the raw IF signal is rather strong, it needs to be buffered and attenuated somewhat and luckily there is a company called Clifton Laboratories who sell the preassembled board and extra resistors for almost $40 to change the gain if needed in the future.
The buffer board is on it's way and will keep this enrty updated as we go along.

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