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Dave Hockaday
Extra Class
WB4IUY Ham Since 1974
United States

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I enjoy rag chewing, contesting, digital work, vintage radio & restoration, building, etc... about every facet of this awesome hobby! Check out some of my other pages at:

Lots of junque...check out my site at for the skinny.

Other Interests
Fishing, Motorcycles, and R/C Airplanes

TEARA, ARRL, AMI, SPAR, 10-10 International, Feld Hell, NCSSB.

Awards Tracker for N3FJP's ACLog


11/19/2010 7:48:18 PM (0 comments) Add a commentAdd Comment

I recently asked a quection about how to extract a number of logbook entries from ACLog that were scattered throughout my log. I required a lot of hunting and packing, trying to keep a running list of what was needed, etc.

Some other hams replied with info about David Treat W5DJT's ACLog Awards Tracker. David has made some changes to Awards Tracker over the last few days to make it a snap to pull the info for the Ham Radio Nation awards, and also improved the ACLog search function to allow for better filtering of search parameters. It also searches info from your ACLog's logging database for numerous other awards, too. You can get David W5DJT's "ACLog Awards Tracker" program from his site at


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