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Plus/Minus again?

From 4F2KWT

10/23/2010 4:33:03 PM (2 comments) Add a commentAdd Comment

What an exciting hobby we have. After PJ4 and PJ7 was replaced by PJ2, PJ4, PJ6 and PJ7 there was a storm of activity on the bands. Diving in head first I bagged what I could find and who could hear me, hi. I also modified my logbook to properly credit the 4 new entities properly. ADIF numbers are 517, 518, 519 and 520. So there, the proper contacts have been made with the new PJs. My question is, "What of my previous QSOs with stations found on Curacao, Bonaire, Saba and St. Eustatius and Sint Maarten? Will they be credited or just set aside?"
Well, that gives me two new ones for a total of three this year after needlessly worrying about falling out of the Honor Roll. ZS8M, Marion Island was the first all time new credit. I hope everybody is finding new exciting activities or challenges as well. Keep on Hamming!

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by PY2BFH 11/7/2010 4:31:35 AM

Hi from Brazil! Well, this is really an exciting hobby, isn't it? Even the Internet was not able to stop people from hamming, and that is incredible in itself.Only now am I beginning to grasp the importance that the radio contacts had in my late father's life and all the friends he made through this hobby. His QSL cards from all over the world are so interesting and beautiful that I have been learning something about the hobby myself! Happy QSOs (I hope that is the right code).

by 4F2KWT 11/8/2010 8:16:31 PM

Hello. Indeed, you can be productively creative in this hobby. Here in the Philippines there are many threats to Ham Radio, chief on our list is cellphones, but it thrives and more are discovering its joys. I hope you keep on Hamming and try the many aspects of the hobby. 73.

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