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Larry Larson
Extra Class
KR0K Ham Since 1992
United States

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Other Callsigns
Previous call signs WZ0N, N0SUO

My Ham Radio Interests
HF,HF mobile 2meter,440, antennas,ragchewing, some contesting, I am a active VE

FT950 FT897, FT857, FT7800 (2) FT2800

Other Interests
Reading, Camping, Hiking, Woodworking, Mobile and Portable HFing


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From KR0K

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I have been active on 2m and 70cm sideband in the past,now 6m,plus HFing,Public service, skywarn, Ralley racing radio. My antennas at home are a HEX beam 20m up, shortened Dipole for 40 and 80. I have my RV set up for portable HF,VHF,UHF. My pickup is equiped with HF and VHF/UHF. I enjoy reading SF,woodworking,hiking, RVing, shooting sports and live by myself plus 1 Siamese cat.
My call sign was held orginally by a gentleman by the name of Earl Cottingham of Pueblo CO. He was born in 1923 In Kan., served in the Marine Corps in WW2 and later in the Korean war. He served as a Police officer in Pueblo until retirement. He became a silent key in 2001. I am proud to now have his call sign.

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