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Terry Long
General Class
K3JEL Ham Since 1956
United States

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My Ham Radio Interests

Analog station is a TYT-TH9800 Quad band 50 watt
and a Yaesu FTM100DR Dual band 50 Watt

HTs are Baofang BF-F8HP,UV5R & UV5x3

Inside antennas are a Diamond CR8900 Quad band FM
& 2 meter/440 JPole

Outside antennas are a dual band 2 meter/440 Jpole
& Tram 1481

Digital station is a Yaesu FTM100DR Dual band 50 Watt
Wires-X node is a Yaesu FTM100DR & HT FT1XD

Inside antenna is a 2 meter/440 JPole .

Other Interests
Web Sites:

10-10 International
10 Meter Breezeshooters

K3JEL Equipment

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