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frank custureri
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KI4NUU Ham Since 2006
United States

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dx,local repeator group
skype name: custureri1

ICOM 7000 AMERITRON ATR-20 TUNER AMERITRON ALS-600 amplifier,40m long dipole, vertical.

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physician,boating,motorcycle,flying,raising three teenagers.

jupiter tequesta repeator group(JTRG) SOUTHCARS #8287

3905 century club 100 point 40 m #2705

OMISS #6820


height of dipole


8/22/2010 5:25:41 PM (4 comments) Add a commentAdd Comment

I always thought I would have to go to the expense of having to get expensive masts to put my 135 foot dipole up hight to get decent contacts,but suprisingly I tried only 10 feet high,one end tied to a bamboo shoot at front of house and the other to a fiberglass mast I bought.I have been receiving good contacts as far as moscow from my qth in southeast florida.When the ground is wet from rain or a windy day I seem to be getting around 2 more s units.Interested in others with low antennae experiences.

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by K9KUZ 8/22/2010 5:50:05 PM

Several years ago, I ran a 20 meter dipole 10 feet off the water on Bora Bora. It worked surprisingly well with a tuner on both 20 and 10.(ssb only)

by KI4NUU 8/22/2010 6:22:30 PM

water is such a great medium, wish I lived on the ocean,would probably get much more distant contacts,would love to get into china or japan from florida.

by K9KUZ 8/23/2010 8:43:32 AM

Frank, from your pix it looks like you might be in a area that frowns on antennas. If so, I would suggest a ground mounted vertical for 10-15-20 meters (with a buried wire ground plane). The JA's and BY's will be on these bands in the late afternoon here thru the night (sometimes). Pending band conditions of course. IF antennas are allowed, you would be surprised how a tri-band yagi would perform mounted on a 5' tri-pod on your roof. Nice family in the pix on, we've got 3 boys with their tickets plus 1 grandson: KE9OD, N9IHD, KA9NAP, KC9CIT; but my job is not done, 3 more kids to go plus 9 grandkids.

by KI4NUU 8/23/2010 6:48:58 PM

thanks jim for your comments,thank goodness I am in unincorporated county area and would like to get a steppir eventually,not sure it that wouod be the best and what height to place it.We have a all metal roof and when I put the dipole above it I get lots of qrn(weird but it does).maybe it bounces off the roof,I don't know.I wish I could get my 3 teenagers to get their ticket,I'll work with the yl on the younger 2 grandkids.Saw your great condition corvette,my son and I restored a 1977 vette but did not do a great job,73,frank

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