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Kenwood TS-130S
Cushcraft A3S at 32 feet above the ground.

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8/16/2010 8:16:29 PM (2 comments) Add a commentAdd Comment

My ham shack is located in the backroom of the house we are living. Due to present economic situation we are forced to leave the city of Reno Nevada and moved to Vancouver Washington.
I have been struggling to put up a station where I can enjoy DXing and contesting. September 2009 until March 2010 I was operating with my mobile setup using my beloved TS-130S and a couple of Hustler resonators. I was able to get out and made QSOs just like everyone else who owned vertical antennas. These include those frustrating times when I have to struggle for hours to get myself heard on a pile up.
I must admit that there were times DXing was easy because everyone else were so involved with ragchewing. For instance, Novermber 24 2009 I was at PDX airport parking lot and I heard JV1A calling CQ DX on 20 meters. He was about 57 and I responded. He came right back with my callsign and a 59 report. I was jumping in excitement to hear Mongolia for the first time. It was a short contact and he went on calling other stations, and for half an hour his call was unheard by other stations.
This QSOs only happen once in a blue moon. For the remaining time I was a very small fish in a crowded pond.

One day I convinced my wife to buy me Cushcraft beam. We saw an A3S offered on Craigslist pickup at Illinois. To make the long story short, I made it back and installed the antenna on July 2010. The A3S is suficient enough to breakthrough the pile although not all the time. Its definitely better than my vertical antennas. Since then I was hooked to DXing.

I have one HF radio and a couple of antennas to use. My MFJ versa tuner is on the side just in case I needed to go out of my safe bandwidth. I also use MFJ-464 keyer and a Vibroplex paddle (given to me by KS6A). Its pretty old (no. 89264). Normally Vibroplex keys like these are meant to send 20wpm. I set it up to work with my MFJ keyer at 13wpm. I'm happy with it.

That is my HF station. Thank you for reading.

Best 73.

Alestair KF7DMY

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by K8YS 8/18/2010 6:52:21 PM

I've never used a "beam" antenna - real name is a yagi - on HF. I've had best operations using good old wire.

by KF7DMY 8/22/2010 3:33:22 AM

I've met a guy at last years Convention in Visalia, CA. He swear wire antennas are the best. I'm not an expert on these things so I pounded on what he said. I bought a total of 3 books regarding wire antennas and was amazed at the capabilities of these designs. Being able to live in the city and having a limited space for a wire antenna, I thought a yagi would suffice the gain and directivity I need.
Even with my setup at home, I still dream of camping out in the woods and experiment on a long beverage. (If only I could get away from the mosquitos..hihi). 73.

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