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Ralph Slatton
General Class
KA5MQN United States

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My Ham Radio Interests
I enjoy all the old stuff, particularly the vintage Heathkits. I completed a course on Radio and TV repair with the National Radio Institute in the 70s. I also served as the team chief of uhf radio carrier equipment in Grafenwohr, Germany. During my university studies, if completed two years in electrical engineering at the University of Arkansas. I used to enjoy working with timing circuits, touch sensors and relays.

Heathkit receiver SB300; (I had the SB transmitter also, but it needs a replacement crystal.)Kenwood transceiver TS5308; Hallicrafters receiver SX110; Viking Ranger transmitter; Denton antenna tuner.

Like most of you, I've got a shed full of surplus equipment. I've got quite a few military pieces. One of my favorites looks like something from NASA, with a row of switching circuits and round indicator lights. I enjoy building stuff from scratch and used to experiment with timing circuits.

Other Interests
Currently, I hold the position of Professor in charge of Printmaking at ETSU, Department of Art and Design, since 1990. I have also held the position of Department Chair from 1999 to 2004. My degrees are BFA (1982) and MA (1986) degrees from Arkansas State University and the MFA (1990) from University of Iowa. When I'm not working on art, I play with software on my computer or just putter around on the bench.

(actually they are art clubs)
Society of American Graphic Artists, & Asociacion Difusora Obra Graficia Internacional, Barcelona, Spain

Despondent Sagacity


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A determinate universe kind of makes me sad. I guess my sense of reality is the only one I know and I hate to think it's locked into cosmic software.

Some belive that reality is a kind of bubble. It is only our human convention that prevent this bubble from collapsing. (eg. Koan of the tree falling in the woods) If you think in terms of thought bubbles, the finite universe is obligatory to our existence. Anything outside that bubble, is yet to be defined. Beyond our respective bubbles is a blank, no point "a" or point "b," no objects to measure, no heavy stones to lift. I agree that this kind of no-place is probably incomprehensible and maybe an invalid inquiry. My point of investigation is just on the edge of that divide, just a thought experiment to the furthest crest of the big bang explosion, a showdown of our reality confronting this no-place.

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