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Arthur Mejsak
Standard Class
EI7GMB Ham Since 1999

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Please note address change as follow on

Not very active at the moment due to lack of an HF antenna at base QTH but be prepared to catch me up on 4m band (70mhz) portable!

For any missing/unanswered cards please contact me here: EI7GMB at yahoo dot com

I am an eQSL user but have no plans for the LotW yet and no LotW entries are entered/replied.


Nothing at the moment


Kenwood TM-D700
Ascom SE550



And plenty of a radio related junk in the box awaiting its sunny day.

Other Interests
Music, books, Linux, Raspberry PI, homebrew electronics, PMR conversions.

Some good people at IRTS

A brilliant VHF enthusiast:

QSL cards once again.


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Phew! Just sent the parcel (!!!) off to the QSL outwards manager a few days ago. So now by the March '10 all of the received paper cards are answered. I really appreciate your efforts guys - specially for those 50mhz contacts.

In the meantime I got a few eQSL cards for the contacts that was never made. I think that some members of the Amateur community are chancing to raise a total DXCC or whatever other scores by this way. I sadly had to reject all of the QSO's I could not find in my paper log (eQSL is not an QSL service for me, it just acts as my on-line QSO service and QSO's log backup). Some of the call signs I could not locate in my logbook at all, some were logged but QSO was not made in fact. Will not bring up any of the callsigns, but if I am not able to get the RST report , QTH LOC or at least an op NAME back then I am really sorry, it is not a QSO and such an "contact" will not be logged.

This time I did not compare paper cards with my logbook as I do believe that all of the QSO's were really done as the cards were reading, but next time WILL compare all of the paper cards with the logbooks, as it is not a fair play to any of us - Amateurs - confirming false entries.

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