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Walt Cates
General Class
WD0GOF Ham Since 1969
United States

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My Ham Radio Interests
I am retired now but spent 43 years in Electronics Research and Development. I started in avionics, went to agricultural instrument research, then medical & chemical instrumentation and analysis and ended up in the dark world of crypto technology and tempest computers.
For the last 30 years, as a hobby, I have specialized in repair and restoration of the Hallicrafters SR series transceivers. I have written in depth repair and restoration manuals for each radio in the series. These documents are available free of charge on either of the two Hallicrafters User Group sites. I mentor on these systems on the air and via email. I was working for Wilcox Avionics in the 60’s & 70's when Hallicrafters became part of Northrop/Wilcox. I was taken by the Hallicrafters gear so much so that I went and took the test and got my call sign. I opened a hobby business on a limited scale repairing Hallicrafters SR series and the FPM 300 radios. I left Wilcox in 79 and due to business travel requirements I became a dormant ham. On a very limited scale I continued servicing radios and kept the call sign active. In '95 I retired (at 54) and spent 5 years RV’ing the USA. With that out of our systems my wife and I settled down to retired life with church and family. I became an active ham again. I had a bunch of old "H" stuff around. I sold all the old tube junk. This funded the purchase of top of the line MODERN equipment. I still have nightmares over that act of stupidity. It only took me a year to realize, that was a mistake. I sold all the Taiwan and Japanese gear and started re-collecting Hallicrafters SR series "tech units" and "parts units". To date I have not purchased a single working rig although I have bought several “it worked fine the last time I used it” rigs. I have a complete collection of the full production SR series HF transceivers in operation in the shack. There are 7 full production rigs in this series and I have restored many of each from the 100watt SR-150 to the 1000watt SR-2000. I have one of each in the shack. In 2015 I closed my repair shop. In the interim I repaired and sold off all the shelfed rigs I had. I have to admit that I enjoy repair and restoration more than operation. Of the series, my favorites are the SR-500 and the SR-2000. The 500 has only two "bells or whistles" xtal cal and RIT so it is truly nostalgic operation. It is quick to tune, very stable (now) and enough punch to get through the noise. I don’t contest and if I ever make a DX contact, well that’s nice. I’ll have to admit that it is not a CW rig, no narrow filter, no VOX (unless you add the HA16 VOX unit) and no break-in keying. But then I have a hearing condition that runs the dots and dashes together at about 9 wpm so that makes me a nuisance on cw.
I am not a proficient operator or rag chewer. The majority of my air time is testing recent repairs or restorations. However I do enjoy technical rag chewing.
Due to recent health issues I no longer provide repair and restoration service.
After closing the repair center I started documenting all of the knowledge on the Hallicrafters SR series I have developed over the years. I have built a website using WORDPRESS. This is a free sharing website and everything is downloadable. Go to

SR-150, SR-160, SR-400 (Cyclone I, II, and III), SR-500, SR-2000, 80 thru 10 meter AV-18HT.

Other Interests
Church building maintenance and I lead a small group Bible study. I am also into Wood fired meat smoking. See more about these and radio interests @


Q & A, and tech exchange Hallicrafters SR series HF gear.


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This blog is dedicated to technical exchange and Q&A for the Hallicrafters SR series of HF radios. This includes the, SR-150, SR-160, SR-400'S (CYCLONE, CYCLONEII AND CYCLONEIII), SR-500 and the SR-2000. I have been working on these radios since 2001 exclusively. I have some knowlege to share and am thirsty for more. I have devoted my hobby to the repair and restoration of this gear. So if you have a problem, question or answer let me know.

73's Walt, WD0GOF

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