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Not very active at the moment due to lack of an HF antenna at base QTH but be prepared to catch me up on 4m band (70mhz) portable!

For any missing/unanswered cards please contact me here: EI7GMB at yahoo dot com

I am an eQSL user but have no plans for the LotW yet and no LotW entries are entered/replied.


Nothing at the moment


Kenwood TM-D700
Ascom SE550



And plenty of a radio related junk in the box awaiting its sunny day.

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Music, books, Linux, Raspberry PI, homebrew electronics, PMR conversions.

Some good people at IRTS

A brilliant VHF enthusiast:

Some rigs now are gone.


6/20/2010 3:48:31 AM (0 comments) Add a commentAdd Comment

Just sold off my FT100D and TS850sat since funds needed to cover a new base station module. Thought of Kenwood TS2000 since its good all rounder, but still have to find out if sub band is FM only or not. Would like to get rid off as many boxes out of my desk and still be able to do 2m FM/SSB from same box, and of course get rid of MFJ ATU also. Simply tight space makes me to pick TS-2000 as the one and only rig. I am pretty happy with FT897 for digimodes and 2m FM but this little beauty is just so so when it comes to HF SSB. Not to mention an awful clicking noise coming out of relays when I would like to employ full break in CW mode. I miss my TS850 for reception quality, ehhh...

Thougth of fancy Icom IC756 or Yaesu FT-2000 but both are HF+6m rigs only, so I would still be missing of 2meters. Of course I still can hook up HT as 2m but then no digimodes or SSB will be possible. Strange, that Japanese companies still cant realize, that some guys (and gals?) will warmly welcome all mode all band (not HF only) fully blown transceiver with all the premium quality circuits in it as an one base station block. Would not complain for an built in power supply, but that is just too good as for that many demands. FT897D is pretty close to it if not its just average receiver (somewhat disastrous at 2m SSB) and mobile size, which lacks of large front panel for direct control of power/rf/filters and so on.

I am not complaining at 897 which is the best you can get for your money - still unbeatable value against its bells and whistles! And its the best first rig ever for any just starting Amateur or those ones, who can't afford hi-tech rig with golden knobs on it. Everything you may need its already in it and even more. But after a while it comes that day, when you would like to drop your 1.1 econobox car in favor of Bugatti Veyron or just some low mileage Lexus....

Anyways now I have no mobile rig also, so 897 will take its place at my car as soon as a new station arrives.

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