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Magnetic Loop 160m-20m


6/15/2010 11:47:04 PM (0 comments) Add a commentAdd Comment

Finally got all parts fixed into one magnetic loop.
Now adays its not so easy anymore to find variable aircapacitors, but a fellow HAM gave me one out of an old radio.

Last saterday was construction afternoon: putting all the tubes together. Some of the construction fixed with tie raps because could get to the right store... XYL always find something the change your plans.

The capacitor i received goes from 25pf up to 500 pf and it is a dual, so can be put parallel or in serie.

I used a gamma match i.s.o. small coupling loop, because i still had some 6mm Cu tube available and it was just in the range i would need for constructing the gamma match.

Up to now the magnetic loop is located in my office installed on a tripod, in order to be able to turn it around.

The other antenna's i have are wire dipoles on the attic with a 1:1 balun.

Compared to that it seems a gain of one point on the reception signal.
Also yesterday evening on 20m i was able to contact Tenerife island from the first trial with the magnetic loop, something that wasn't possible with the wire dipoles.

At this moment in time 160m is not possible because the capacitor doesn't cover that, there is need of one extra capacitor ....

80-40-30-20 m are working.

Next step will be adding a electrical motor for positioning the capacitor.

To be continued.

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