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Eirik (Eric) Bergum
Class A Class
LA4DW Ham Since 1977

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My Ham Radio Interests
Vintage radio:
Collecting and renoation of old tube amateur radio's.
And some commersially great HF radios.
Collins, Drake,Hammarlund,Hallicrafters,
National, Johnson, Swan.

Collins: S-line, KWM-2A,KWM-380,75A-4. R390A,R-388/URR.
Drake: B-line,C-line,Tr4-C.
Hammarlund: SP-600JX21,BC-794B,HX-500.
National: HRO 500,NCX 5.
Hallicrafters: SR 400,SX 101,HT 32B.
JRC(Japan Radio Co): NRD 505,515.
Johnson: Viking Ranger II for AM when 10m open up again.
Swan 500,350.
DX radio's: Icom and Ten Tec OII for easy plug and play.

Other Interests

LA3F Follogruppen av NRRL.

My hf radio history

From LA4DW

6/5/2010 5:22:35 AM (1 comments) Add a commentAdd Comment

From the beginning of my intrest in HF activity:

My interest in hf radio starts at very young age in 1960-64. My uncle was an army agent at the local community, and has a setup with green boxes (NRS 100) in the dinner room. And as a young boy this was very exaiting to listen on. And when he speaks to the net we could hear his voice in our table radio. Because AM modulation was the phone emission in 1960.
All this forced me to find out more about short wave, and short wave radio. And after some research I finally got in touch with the NRRL Norwegian amateur radio association, and starting my member ship early in the 70’s. And finaly got my amateur ticket in 1977. A weary exiting time. After some time I settle down near Oslo and the family life, work, and time spending with the radio have been up and down. But after some time I got my antenna up and some new and old radios get back to work as they should do. Always have interest in older gear and specially the famous one from 50’ and 60’ like Collins, Hallicrafters, Hammarlund,National, Johnson,Drake. May be this was trigged by the electronic magazine I bought when I study in Trondheim. In the magazine there was all the U.S famous radios, like Collins, kwm-2a, S-line, 51S-1(cost $ 2333 in 1974), and this gear was unable to get on the table at that time. But always want the S-line for my ham station. This came thru 20 years later, my first Collins radio was a R390A and then a winged KWM-2A in badly shape, but with some resturation and all gone true, alignment’s and tube check this came to life and has been a nice radio to use since then.
And as time go by, more radio’s came into the shack, and at this time I have all the tube gear I wants so much in the late 60' and 70’. All this old radio is relaxing and very nice to work with. You can’t do this gear more harm than don’t use them. And always take the time to reform the electrolytic by use, for some hour every week. About the new and old gear discussion. I have never gear like Icom, Ten Tec, Orion 2, but when I listen on those newer radio’s I don’t feel the same comfort, but you can't compare the old with news because it's a another story abouth computer tecnologi and better IMD for "most" of the new radios,and on today's crovded band it's a must in dx-pail'ups and contest. Maybe this is only in my head, but when you find a strong signal and get a loud signal out of an large speaker from my A4', that is some sort of romance of the older gear and time, did I mention nostalgic. And when you crank the VFO and watch the beauty, you are in the radio heaven.

73 de
Eric LA4DW

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by KA5MQN 7/29/2010 4:27:08 PM

Hi Eric--
I enjoyed seeing your pictures. I also grew up on some of the old stuff. When I was a kid, I would spend a lot of time looking at Popular Electronics and Olsen's Electronics catalogs. Like you, I also have a Hallicrafters and Viking on my bench. I'll be sending you a connections request. Best Wishes - Ralph

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