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Brad Wessels
Extra Class
W9ZT Ham Since 1970
United States

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My Ham Radio Interests
I am a low band DX enthusiast and spend most of my time chasing DX on 160 meters.
Also I enjoy operating vintage radios
I spend summers at my cottage on Eva Lake in NW Ontario and operate W9ZT/VE3 when taking a break from catching the lunkers.


Icom 7600
Icom 7000
Swan SW-240
Swan 270B
Swan 500CX
Swan 600T/600R
Drake TR-4C
Drake RV-4C
Drake R-4B
Knight T-60
National NC-270
Kenwood TL-922A
Ten Tec 229 Tuner
Logikey K-3
MDS RC-1Y digital rotor control
W2IHY 8-band EQ
Hygain TH-3 on 40' Tubular Tower
40 Meter Dipole at 40'
80 Meter Dipole at 60'
160 Meter Inverted-L at 60'
K9AY Receiving Loop

Other Interests
Fishing at my VE3 QTH!
Amateur Astronomer


Computer RFI

From W9ZT

5/28/2010 12:00:24 PM (1 comments) Add a commentAdd Comment

After expending the money and effort to erect a 160 meter half wave dipole I realized the troubling but tolerable RFI on 80 meters generated by my PC was horrific on 160 meters. Often I would just shut my PC down when operating on 80 meters especially when trying to work weak DX, but what a hassle. So I did some research online and decided to try a line filter recommended by John, W0UN.
The filter is the Corcom 6EF1 and I purchased mine from, part number 52K3836, $12.95. Took me less than 15 minutes to remove the power supply, open it up, unsolder the old line jack, make the opening about an 1/8" wider and pop in and solder the Corcom filter jack in place.
OK, now the big moment. Had my radio already tuned to one of worst PC RFI frequencies from before, hit the power button on the PC, watching for the spectrum display on my Icom 7600 to light up with spikes of hash across the band, but hey, what's this?, I don't see ANYTHING and I don't hear ANYTHING other than normal band noise. Well how about 80 meters? Same thing and I mean TOTAL suppression of all RFI from my PC power supply. AWESOME!!!!!
I just wanted to post this for other hams having the same lousy problem, give this a try, cheap and easy. John said is cured all three of his PC's!



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by KC9KXT 8/21/2010 5:03:03 AM

Great Blog, Hafta give it a try.

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