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Brad Wessels
Extra Class
W9ZT Ham Since 1970
United States

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My Ham Radio Interests
I am a low band DX enthusiast and spend most of my time chasing DX on 160 meters.
Also I enjoy operating vintage radios
I spend summers at my cottage on Eva Lake in NW Ontario and operate W9ZT/VE3 when taking a break from catching the lunkers.


Icom 7600
Icom 7000
Swan SW-240
Swan 270B
Swan 500CX
Swan 600T/600R
Drake TR-4C
Drake RV-4C
Drake R-4B
Knight T-60
National NC-270
Kenwood TL-922A
Ten Tec 229 Tuner
Logikey K-3
MDS RC-1Y digital rotor control
W2IHY 8-band EQ
Hygain TH-3 on 40' Tubular Tower
40 Meter Dipole at 40'
80 Meter Dipole at 60'
160 Meter Inverted-L at 60'
K9AY Receiving Loop

Other Interests
Fishing at my VE3 QTH!
Amateur Astronomer


Low Band here comes W9ZT!

From W9ZT

5/10/2010 5:31:04 AM (0 comments) Add a commentAdd Comment

Finally I got around to putting up a half wave dipole for 160 meters. Fortunately the neighbor behind me let me use one of his trees, 240 feet is a heck of lot of wire! Got it up 50' at apex but down at 30-40' for most of it. I was only active on 160M a few months almost 15 years ago but that antenna blew down in a storm and I was too preoccupied chasing DX on upper bands, so I never tried to put it back up. Well now that I have 5BDXCC, the 160 meter DXCC challenge is calling me. This is going to be a difficult adventure but should keep me busy for many years. First thing I trimmed it up to resonate in the DX window 1.830-1.850. The SWR stays below 2.5 from bottom up to 1.9 but then shoots up fast past 1.9. Autotuner in 7600 compensates up to about 1.975 (3:1) then pukes out. My TL-922 will come in handy but I will be limited to using it
in the lower half but that's where I'll need it. OK time to make some on the air tests but hey what is all this noise? It doesn't sound like ordinary atmospheric noise...hmmm well lets turn off the PC. Sure enough, wow, it spilled loud hash all across the band. Anyway now with the 7600 NR at about 11:00 seems quieter than 80M. Tuning around heard several QSO's coming in with nice sigs, broke in for reports and all the ops were really nice guys welcoming me to the band, got S9 reports from Ontario, Virginia, Michigan, and Iowa with 100 watts, it was 8-9PM.
It's not Low Band DX season...time will tell how it does for longer distances. Anybody have any suggestions on how to conquer this PC RFI problem? Also interested to here others experiences and advise on Low Band operating (not just DXing)



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