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5/5/2010 11:54:41 PM (1 comments) Add a commentAdd Comment

Kabalikat Civicom or simply known as KABALIKAT is presently the largest group of responsible and active radio communicators engaged in public assistance particularly during disasters and natural calamities or whenever there is need to ensure public comfort and convenience. Kabalikat utilizes all means of communication system from among the members. It is a non-stock, nonprofit organization whose noblest motivates the public welfare. Kabalikat has almost 700 chartered groups nationwide.

It was organized and conceived in December 1990 to primarily raise the status of communicators to a position of high quality responsibility and importance and to enable radio enthusiasts to actively participate in public assistance particularly during calamities and emergencies or whenever there is a need to ensure public comfort and convenience.

To be a Kabalikat is to devote oneself utterly to a set of moral principles, its code of ethical standards, values and adherence to service credo as a way of life. Therefore, to be a Kabalikat, one must learn to care and serve for the welfare of others and give the best what we can so that others may live. Serving others especially those in need is serving God. This is the true meaning of life of every Kabalikat.

The object of Kabalikat Civicom is to diffuse the light of civilization and make known to all the needy of worthy sentiments, cultured manners affability and untrammeled intelligence in all actions. Kabalikat Civicom is not a mutual aid society, It is a mutual protection forms part of its program: every Kabalikat is obliged to protect his brethren and to strive for the brotherhood of man, the duties of man are twofold: duties towards his Creator and duties towards humanity. The different which cultivate and strive to perfect is not that between man and God but that between man and humanity.

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by KC9SLF 8/12/2010 10:33:43 AM

Greetings from
Kc9slf in the USA
I am interested in a group such as yours (kabalikat).
Please get in contact with me so we can discuss further about possibly my joining

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