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Marvin McGill
Technician Class
KD0JCW Ham Since 2009
United States

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New call K9MHM

My Ham Radio Interests
I started out in radio in 1972 on the C.B: Have been around Hams most of my life now as of 10/14/09 Iam finally got my license. It was one of those things were didnt have the time or if I had the time didnt have the cash or both or they werent giving the test near by to go take it. It was all about timeing! Finally on 10/04/09 I had the time and the cash to drive 100 miles to take the test didnt have any real time to study I just heard about it 3 days before my friends allways said I knew enough to pass it and I did on the frist time missed 1 on it. Not braging just shareing! For some odd reason I like the 1.25 meter band we have a repeater about 6 miles away on the other side of the river in Il: It is on the same freq. as were I used to live so I didnt have to do any work putting in my 736. But I realy cant say yet thats the onley band I like for I havnt done much yet just being new with my license. My call has changed form some good reasons my new call is K9MHM will be moving back to my home town in IL. cause of health reason want to be close to family.

Marvin KD0JCW

For equipment I have Yaesu 736R with 2meters,440,220,6 meters in it,Yaesu Ft-840,(4)Icom V8000 for the house one for the truck,Yaesu FRG-100,Bearcat BC9000XLT,Radio Shack HTX202,404,Vertex VX-150s,a Kenwood TH-F6A tribander Just to name some of my stuff more to come out. Just got a VHF & UHF Vertex VX2200 got the programe disk & cable for it they make a great ham radios In fact I think they are a lot better then my Icom V-8000's both RX & TX.Just picked up a pair of Vertex VX2200's 1 VHF 1 UHF, Planning on in a month getting a Ranger RCI 6 meter moble the 100 watt ver:

Other Interests
Other interests that I have is Trains love to video them most of my videos are on YouTube under MarvinMcGill come check them out sometime. My most interest now is spending 95% of my time with my best friend Doris my G/F & best friend for 9 years o I can't forget our cat or I be better off calling our cat the very spoiled kid with 4 legs of 7 years. Spaz our cat rules this place she lets us know it to!!!

Fort Madison Amateur Radio Club



4/15/2010 4:30:02 PM (4 comments) Add a commentAdd Comment

Well thinking about tring my luck with the birds next week! Going to order a Arrow II satellite antenna(If everything goes as planed)! They say the Kenwood TH-F6 is a great radio to do birds with we will see if this is true or not lol.

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by N0VF 4/18/2010 8:30:21 PM

Should be a piece of cake with the Arrow and your Kenwood. I've used HTs quite a few times on the birds. Hint, take a paper and pen, or better yet, I use a small recorder to capture the info for later capture in the log. Hands free to write makes it easier. I mounted my Arrow on a camera tripod and use a speaker mic. Have fun!

by N1ETY 8/22/2010 11:20:31 PM

Clue me in on antenna for Sat and how to get setup please?
I've wanted to get into it.
I have 3 agile 4.5 meter dishes I can use at our old NTSC site.
Not sure if they'd be right, maybe just a Yagi would be better?
Here is a shot of antennas.
Photo is from about 700 feet above on 980 foot tower I can also use as this site/tower as site is dark now except for ENG receive antenna and some cell sites below HIHI.
Very busy with day job which includes writing code at night but need to have some play time too!
de n1ety

by KB0YUP 9/10/2010 3:54:23 PM

Thanks for adding me to your friends.

by DE2HUK 10/15/2010 10:59:18 AM

Hullo Marvin,many thanks for adding me to your
friend.Thanks also for the nice QSO.It was my first QSO with the US station on HS.I hope that I hear you on the HS QRG´s.

Best greetings from Germany 73´ Heinz

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