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Jesse Nee
Extra Class
AB0SR Ham Since 2000
United States

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My Ham Radio Interests
Ham radio operator for 13 years now, and enjoying every minute.
Got started in ham radio like probably most hams, by getting my tech license.
Got an HT, Alinco forget the model hi hi. But repeaters were just not what I got into ham radio for.
Later I started studying for the general class exam and had to study Morse code.
then I thought, you know this is what I got into ham radio for in the first place!
After learning the code at a blazing fast 5 wpm, I took my test and past with perfect copy!
Now I have been running Code for 12 years now and having a ball doing so.
I believe, the FCC should not have taken the Morse code requirement out of the Exam to the General class license,
if it was not for this part of the test, I would probably been lost in ham radio air space!
I run about 90% Morse Code and play with the digital modes some, but CW is where my heart is.

If you have ever thought about giving Morse Code a try, give it a shot, you just don't know?
you might be meant for it also. and it is really not that hard to learn, HEY if I can learn it, anyone can.
Hope to chat with you soon on the code bands.
73 fer nw de AB0SR + sk sk


Antenna: Buxcom G5RV

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Elecraft K3 finally on the air

From AB0SR

4/10/2010 7:15:06 AM (0 comments) Add a commentAdd Comment

Well, I finally got the K3 on the air.
the radio arrived on Thursday, April 8th.
all though the bands right now are real tough! the solar flux is only 76, the "A" index is 7 and the "K" index is 0. I did manage to make 5 contacts on 5 watts, and am real impressed with the K3 so far. although I do have a lot to learn on the radio hi hi.
wonder if anyone else is running the K3 or another elecraft rig?
shoot a blog back...
will keep things updated as much as I can


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