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Steve Wright
Advanced Class
EI5DD Ham Since 1973

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Other Callsigns
G4GFC (UK Callsign)
EI4ALE (Galway VHF Group Callsign)
EI185RNLI (Special Event Callsign for RNLI OPeration)
EJ185RNLI (Special Event Callsign for Aran Islands RNLI)
EI0TED (Craggy Island Dxpedition Group Callsign)

My Ham Radio Interests
My major interest in radio is home-brew project building and renovation of older radio equipment. I still have my old Codar AT5 transmitter, T28 Receiver, CR70MkII all in perfect working order after much TLC. I recently acquired a KW2000B tranceiver which requires a little attention but will be a treasured addition to my collection of vintage equipment. My most valued piece of test equipment is my B&K 700 valve tester.

I am involved in the Amateur Radio Emergency Network which is busy with local activity for at least 10 months of the year. This is also an opportunity to enjoy portable and mobile operation.

I am a member of the Galway VHF Group. I am involved with an active and innovative group of operators sharing similar interests. Meetings are very enjoyable and always an opportunity to keep up to date with new technology.

QRP operation is another field of radio that holds my interest and a number of projects are currently on the test bench at present. A pity the CW is rusty but a good excuse to bring up the speed.

Portable operation is another facet of the hobby that I enjoy. There is nothing to beat throwing a bit of wire up and working the world. I have great results to date from wire carried aloft by a kite. I intend to buy a few more kites and suspend a delta loop for 80 metres some time.

Having followed a lot of the work done by Nathan Cohen, fractal antennas really do appeal to my imagination. I hope to test a few designs in the near future.

My Base station
Icom 756
Behringer Xenyx 502 Microphone pre-amp/equaliser
Yaesu FT897D
Ascom 550
TigertronicsDigital Modes Interface

My Portable Station
Icom 7200
Fibreglass Mast+wire antennas
Kite supported dipole or slopers

My Back-Pack Station
Yaesu FT817D
LDG Auto tuner
MP-1 portable vertical antenna 80 - 10m
Selction of Dipoles
Portable centre Loaded Vertical

My Mobile Station
Icom 7200
Pro Am Whips for HF bands
Yaesu FT 8900 Quadbander

Other Interests
Classical Music
Creative writing

Galway VHF Group
QRP Amateur Radio Club International
European PSK Club
Radio Society of Great Britain
American Radio Relay League
Irish Radio Transmitters Society

Top Band Activity

From EI5DD

2/20/2010 3:44:42 AM (2 comments) Add a commentAdd Comment

Following some recent activity between myself, EI3IS and EI3IX, some impressive results were obtained between Galway City and more distant locations. Signal strengths were good and the noise levels, for the main, were either very good or tolerable. We hope to expand this net to bring in members of the Galway VHF Group who are located further South and maybe also in the North Westerly direction. I am pretty sure that there will be no problems working them. If all goes well it may be possible to run an AM net as the next part of the experiment and then work on to mobile and portable operations.

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by N7JBH 3/12/2010 11:38:10 AM

You're a better man than me Steve.. Mobile top band sounds like an excercise in futility. I can barely get out on 80M at the QTH, even with an Alpha-Delta DXCC dipole in the attic. It's the Antenna, Antenna, Antenna, 160M needs such a big one to work efficiently.. Better ground wave propagation though.

by EI5DD 3/12/2010 5:56:12 PM

I kid you not my friend when I tell you that I installed a Pro-Am Whip on my Freelander, for 160 metres, last year. My first contact was into the Uk from the West of Ireland the report was a genuine 59 in both Directions at 9 pm spring time. We often operate in an area surrounded by mountains and have had very successful Ground Wave Communications mobile to mobile using the same set up. 80 Metres, during daylight hours has given similar and impressive results also. I am not trying to break any records for DX here but more maintain communications across the county in which I live. Results to date have been good. It beats the crap out of using a 2 metre repeater with the usual willy waggers sitting thereon.

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