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Arthur Mejsak
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EI7GMB Ham Since 1999

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Not very active at the moment due to lack of an HF antenna at base QTH but be prepared to catch me up on 4m band (70mhz) portable!

For any missing/unanswered cards please contact me here: EI7GMB at yahoo dot com

I am an eQSL user but have no plans for the LotW yet and no LotW entries are entered/replied.


Nothing at the moment


Kenwood TM-D700
Ascom SE550



And plenty of a radio related junk in the box awaiting its sunny day.

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Music, books, Linux, Raspberry PI, homebrew electronics, PMR conversions.

Some good people at IRTS

A brilliant VHF enthusiast:

Mr. Ken Wood is dead.


2/12/2010 6:45:38 AM (2 comments) Add a commentAdd Comment

That's what happened last Wednesday evening. I felt some smell while TX on my TS850. It was that way for last good few months. Finally I left it under high duty cycle pushing all the power into dummy load and left the scene for a dozen of minutes having a joyride collecting my YL out of her late work. When got back home mr. Ken Wood was dead.

My room full of horrible smell was just an credo - he's dead by the flames.

First thought - finals. But they're ok so finally I got a reason to refurbish that beauty. Was trying to get on with it for last ... ? God only knows how many months. But fortunately I was well prepared for it.

To make the story short - yes, TS850 now is up and running and no animal were hurt. And the CSI photos would be available along with the whole butchering story.

Read the 2 comments after the break below.


by AB4AL 2/20/2010 2:55:10 PM

Sorry your Kenwood died. Look at the rectifier stage and the filter caps. Electrolytics get hot under prolonged load. What you smelled may have been an electrolytic venting. If it then shorted it may have damaged the rectifier stage and should have blown an equipment fuse.

by KU4GW 2/23/2010 4:37:15 AM

Glad you were able to resurrect Mr. Ken Wood! I love my TS-570D and hope it lives to a ripe old age!

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