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Paul Young
Advanced Class
G0HWC Ham Since 1985
United Kingdom

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Other Callsigns
First call=G1SBA
My old packet BBS=GB7AAA
My Echolink node =MB7ICL

My Ham Radio Interests
Main work is HF SSTV, both analogue and digital. I also run a Echolink node MB7ICL-L

Home: Icom-7700, Kenwood 710, 2x Kenwood 480's, Alpha 87a and Alpha 91b HF Amplifiers.

Mobile: Kenwood 710 in my truck running APRS G0HWC-14 Look me up at to see where I am in the truck now with live images.

Other Interests
Check out my live truck cam Monday to Friday and see the view out of my truck and track me on APRS.
Now with LIVE streaming video

My Chevy Astro van

Also into radio control helicopters

If I only had time !!!

My Truck Webcam

From G0HWC

2/11/2010 2:40:47 AM (2 comments) Add a commentAdd Comment

As I spend most my time driving my truck I have added a
Webcam "Truck Cam" You can view it here:

Its on when im in the truck driving round the UK
from day break until I finish.

Paul G0HWC

*** UPDATE ***

I have now moved the Truck Cam to its own URL
it can now be found at:

Read the 2 comments after the break below.


by KU4GW 2/23/2010 4:40:55 AM

Pretty neat idea Paul and very clear here in North Carolina! Thanks for sharing this!

Very 73 de Cliff KU4GW

by N1TKO 2/25/2010 9:00:48 AM

Very interesting Paul. Thanks for letting us tag along with you in your truck.

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