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Wayne Harrell
Extra Class
WD4LYV Ham Since 1977
United States

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My Ham Radio Interests
I enjoy and operate all bands 6 - 160 mters on most all modes. I have a rare medical condition and cannot reach my equipmet and operate my whole station by computer. I have had financial help for Equipment Manufacturers world wide as well as ham friends who want to help. Many asked what equipment I needed and ordered it.

Kenwood TS-2000
Icom PW1
Microham Band Decoder and switch
NCS Multiswitcher
Array Solutions Power/SWR Meter
Heil Pro 40 micriphone
Heil Pro HC5 Headset
Steppir 4ele at 52 ft
Long Carolia Windom at 60 ft
G5RV dipole at 30 ft
Dell 8300 P4 3ghz for station control
Dell 8300 P4 3ghz for Digital modes
Rascal Digital interface.

Other Interests

Coastal Plains Amateur Radio Club, Ashburn/Tifton Georgia
Albany Amateur Radio Club, Albany Georgia

Welcome new ham


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A friend Ben Branch (12 years old) received his license this weekend. We are proud of Ben and know there is lots of fun ahead in the hobby.

I worked the North American QSO Party and got sevveral new states on several bands.

200+ dxcc countries confirmed in LOTW.


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