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Rick Willaman
General Class
K8RIC Ham Since 1965
United States

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My Ham Radio Interests
Work FM 2 meter now days. Have interest in CW but the brain decoder is intermittent. Like video and digital modes but now days mostly on the computer. CQ-100 and Echolink sometimes. Section Chief at MAPS Radio Section at MAPS Air Museum.

For main use Yaesu FT-847 20W, LDG AT-200Pro Turner, B&W 90' Folded Dipole.

For back up rig on 2M Kenwood TS-711A 25W,Vertical Antenna

Portable use is the Breadbox, SGC-2020 20W, HB Turner, and Battery

Other Interests
Digging in the earth or caves for history.

Massillon Amateur Radio Club

Air Waves Radio Club

First time on My Ham Shack

From K8RIC

1/6/2010 5:12:16 PM (2 comments) Add a commentAdd Comment

I could use help if I do something wrong. 73 Rick

Read the 2 comments after the break below.


by WD8MBE 1/6/2010 5:38:51 PM

Hey, It looks good. What happened to you on the 10m Net?


by K8RIC 1/6/2010 5:46:54 PM

Tom, I hope you see this. For years I had a noise level of S9 or better and you were only an S3. So it was hard to heard you and most of the stations. AEP was suppose to have trees cut down back in 1998. They would say next 3 years. I would call them back. They would say next 3 years. So HF is out most of the time and even 2 meter some times. So Too much QRN was and is the problem. This whole area is like that. Just using a B&W folded dipole for HF.

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