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Roberto Jose "Jojo" Vicencio
Extra Class
DV1VHY Ham Since 2008

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DW1OLV (6/08 - 8/08)
DU1VHY (9/09 - Present)

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DX chasing
Eyeball QSO with other hams
Supporting Scouting activities through ham radio

Flex 5000A
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Kenwood TS-520
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G5RV Antenna
Wouxon UVDP1 144/430 Mhz
Genesis G40 SDR #023
Tuna Tin 2 40M CW

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Philippine Amateur Radio League Inc. (DX1L)
Philippine Amateur Radio Association (DX1PAR)

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12/7/2009 2:14:55 PM (2 comments) Add a commentAdd Comment

I just noticed that my last, and first entry, was sometime April 2009. Quite a bit has happened. I have rediscovered the joy of operating on HF and it has been wonderful. Hearing those DX stations and CW brings me back to the time when I was hot and heavy into operating the high school's amateur radio station. Now I have my own station and am having a wonderful time.

I was able to have put put up a dipole for 40 meters and this has just ratchetted up the fun factor. I have brought the station down at the farm and just had a buttload of of fun operating there with my former club station and my current club station. I have even operated there on my own and really, just when you think you've seen it all, our hobby presents you with a new aspect.

ARES. Earlier in the month, just learned that I passed my Extra Class exam and was itching to use the new callsign. 26th of September brought such a heavy downpour that much of the northern part of the country was inundated with flooding. I was at the farm testin g out the G5RV which was relocated and I was having the time of my life. Then the rains came. I had to pack my things and leave the verynext day but due to them widespread flooding, the normally 2-hour trip turned into a 36-hour adventure of finding a route, droppng off my equipment at a friend's QTH and walking through floodwaters.

I received a text message that ARES is activated and to quickly setup ASAP!!! My former club was designated as 2-meter control for the District. I pulled out my IC-736 and got on air as soon as I can. This was my first ARES experience and true enough, it really kept you going. Just the idea that you are able to use your hobby to be of help was enouggh motivation. Lessons learned flashed through my head. I decided that I would not be caught unprepared again, if I can help it.

Sure enough we had three more typhoons that necessitated the activation of ARES. Our response was more measured and coordinated. We're taking baby steps, but we're walking faster now.

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by DV1KD 12/9/2009 12:37:13 AM

It's good to know that a good guy like you preserves the joy of our hobby. Our passion for Amateur Radio cannot be steal by anyone. It will never die.

Congratulations Jojo and 73!

by KE7LGD 12/24/2009 10:57:44 AM

God bless ya, for putting in the time and training so that you have been able to help in time of need with your ARES work. This is truly one of the best things Hams do for others. They jump in and give help when it is really needed the most. Just wanted to THANK YOU on behalf of all us other Hams that mostly just rag chew. There are really great people all over the world, Jojo, you are one of them. Good job Brother Ham. All the Best. 73 Bruce KE7LGD

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