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N1TKO United States

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My Ham Radio Interests
Ham Radio is one of the most fascinating hobbies in the world. Since I first became a "Ham" in 1978 I have made thousands of friends around the globe. My very first year in ham radio I became a Net Control station for the Maritime Mobile Service Net on 20 meters and also did NCS duty on the Intercontinental Net. That was long before the invention of cell phones and we on the net ran hundreds of phone patches for folks in remote villages and research stations. Ham Radio has changed a lot over the years. I took 7 years off away from radio and when I got "the bug" and just had to get back on the air, it was like having to learn everything all over again. When I returned, the FCC had just done away with the Code requirements for a license. So I returned to a hostile environment! A lot of the old timers didn't like the "No Code" rule and were very vocal about it on the air. Myself, it doesn't really matter that much. I figure that the No Code rule will bring more operators to the hobby. I love CW and I still work it today. My Elmer was N1DW, a fellow by the name of Don Wiggins. Not only was he very proficient at CW, but his knowledge of electronic theory never ceased to amaze me. I learned so much from Don and I am very, very thankful for his help.
In October my family and I moved from Lowell, Ma to Haverhill, Ma.. Haverhill is about 18 miles from Lowell. I'm in heaven here at the new QTH! Haverhill is a great city. My home is located a few miles from "downtown". I'm surrounded by horse farms here in the outskirts. Simply beautiful.
I jst got my shack together and have a G5RV up about 40 feet. In the spring I will put up my 54 foot Tri-Ex crank-up tower. I'm shopping around for a beam and rotor at the moment. I'll post the pictures of my "new" shack shortly.
Finally, I am a proud member of OMISS. That is the Old Man's International Sideband Society. I am member number 5778. We currently have over 7000 members and growing everyday. Check out our website at or join us on one of Nets. Our nets are held every day, 365 days a year! The best group of guys in Ham radio! If you are a "Paper Chaser" and want to earn awards, OMISS is the club to do it. I earned my WAS (Worked All States) in 57 days..... all on 40 meters! We have Nets on every band, everyday.
If you hear me on the air, Please call and say hello or if you need Massachusetts or Essex county for an award, drop me an email and we'll set up a sked to work. I QSL 100%!
I am retired so I'm always around, or not too far, from the Shack.


Icom 746PRO - G5RV for the HF Bands
I also use my 746PRO on 2 meters and monitor the Haverhill repeater.

Other Interests
Sports: Baseball (Red Sox) Boxing, I worked for 18 years in the sport of Boxing as a trainer, manager and cut-man.


Icom confirms IC-706 production has not ceased

From N1TKO

12/4/2009 2:38:35 PM (0 comments) Add a commentAdd Comment

This is a follow up from a previous blog:

Contrary to Internet rumors, production of the popular
IC 706 Mark 2 G has not ceased. The erroneous report of the radio's demise came in a Wireless Institute of Australia news report that said that the 706 was no longer being made and that Navcom Electronics that there are only 14 units currently held in stock in Australia.

While that might be the case down-under, Amateur Radio Newsline has received word from Icom America that the decision to stop selling the IC-706 was likely a one made by Icom Australia. On this side of the Pacific Icom America says that the IC - 706 MK 2 G will continue in the Icom America product line.

The original IC-706 was introduced over a dozen years ago and quickly developed what might best be described as a cult following. The radio was not all that much bigger than a dual-band FM transceiver of that era, but it packed an amazingly sensitive all band receiver and powerful ham band transmitter into a relatively tiny package measuring only 6.56" x 2.28" x 7.88".

Over the years the IC-706 has seen many upgrades.
The latest version is the Mark II G which adds many new features and capabilities not found in the previous 706 and 706Mk II versions including the UT-106 DSP module as a
standard feature.

Many hams called it the perfect mobile and portable station and stayed with it even after rival manufacturers brought out their own tiny all band transceivers with similar or even more advanced features. Its also a radio with one of the highest resale values on the used equipment market.

Also included in the WIA story was a claim that Icom was instituting a five year warranty on all of its products.
Well that’s true only if you live in Australia. According to Icom America, that is an Icom Australia only project.
No other Icom distributor is offering a 5 year warranty.

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