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Mechiel de Lange
Standard Class
ZS3CD Ham Since 1993
South Africa

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My Ham Radio Interests
I farm with maize and cattle and love it. Also mad about radio comms.

Radios FT2000 TS2000 TS940S FT857D
Amps TL922 MA1000B
Audio Behringer B2 Pro Behringer VX2496 / DEQ2496 / FBQ2496
NCS multi switcher
Antennas 160m horizontal loop. 80m inverted V. MFJ multiband vertical. Cushcraft X7. Diamond V2000. 26B2 Boomer for 2m. Hygain 215DX 2m. 6 over6 skeleton slot 2m.
2x 11 element stack UHF yagi.
Yaesu G2800DXC rotator.

Other Interests
Game hunting and ammo reloading.


It is coming along

From ZS3CD

11/29/2009 1:59:02 AM (0 comments) Add a commentAdd Comment

Hallo to all finally the new shack is in use.
Still lot of work to be done.
Hope this all will lead to more DX.


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