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William Raymond
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WR0F Ham Since 1980
United States

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Kenwood TS 990S main HF/6M rig
Kenwood TS 950SDX
Kenwood TS 590SG 70th anniv HF/6M
Kenwood TL 922A HF amp
Ameritron ALS 1306 HF amp solid state 6-160m
Yaesu FT 736R w 222 & 50 Mhz Modules
Icom IC 7000 Mobile with Tarheel 100A Screwdriver
Ameritron ALS-500MR 10-160 mobile hf amp
TE Systems 1452G 350 w 2m amp
RFC 3-312 222 Amp 120 w
RFC 4-310 432 Amp 100 w
Down East Microwave 23120PA 1296 Mhz 120 watt amplifier
TE Systems 0510G 50 Mhz amp 170 w
Henry Tempo 2002 2 meter KW
MFJ 989D antenna tuner
SSB Electronics preamps on 144,222,432,50,1296
HY-GAIN TH11DX 5 Band HF Beam
Cushcraft XM-240 40 meter beam
M2 2M-18XXX X2
M2 222-5WL X2
M2 432-9WL X2
M2 23CM35 X2

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Bike trail riding with my Trek 8.5 DS bicycle


Big VHF Band Opening

From WR0F

11/8/2009 3:12:26 PM (4 comments) Add a commentAdd Comment

We had a Huge VHF UHF band opening Sunday Nov 8th 2009

Worked many stations on 2M SSB and 432 SSB over 500+ miles.

Read the 4 comments after the break below.


by KC5YHQ 11/9/2009 6:26:09 PM

what frequencies do u hang out on. I have a ssb radio but no antennas. I will a antenna this weekend
73's kc5yhq, bob

by WR0F 11/10/2009 4:04:25 AM

2 METER SSB is most active on 144.200 USB
That is the calling frequency and 99% of the guys run horizontal polarity antennas.

by KC5YHQ 11/10/2009 3:14:38 PM

i will build a simple halo or squlos antenna and start listen and maybe make some contacts..
kc5yhq in stuttgart,ar.

by WR0F 11/11/2009 6:32:01 AM

Large group of guys here in the midwest who are very active on vhf uhf ,Lots of info for you.

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