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William F (Bill) Frazier
Extra Class
W7ARC Ham Since 1971
United States

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Yaesu FT-2000D
Yaesu FT-840
Yaesu FT-8900
Yaesu FT-7800 (x2)
Yaesu FT-2800
Alinco DR-235
Yaesu FT-857D
Yaesu FT-8900

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Western Washington Section Traffic Manager

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From W7ARC

7/23/2009 12:03:09 AM (1 comments) Add a commentAdd Comment

This is the station I now operate in Lynnwood, WA. True - I have more radios and capabilities than most EOCs but I have made this into a station that has redundant back-ups for all the most commonly used modes for EMCOMM.

The antennas for my station are all NVIS-style antennas. The main HF antenna is a copy of a 1929 single-wire fed Windom at 25 feet above ground. The other HF antenna is a random length longwire antenna about 10 feet above ground.(I use this antenna on the PACTOR station).

I operate a 24x7 PACKET mailbox using one of my FT-7800 radios and a KAM KPC-3+ TNC. No. It is not part of the Winlink System but a stand-alone mailbox.

I also operate a 24x7 Airmail PACTOR mailbox - again not part of the Winlink System (PACTOR 1) for those who want to connect to me or to test their own PACTOR stations. The PACTOR station uses my FT-840 and a AEA PK-232/MBX TNC.

My mobile station is very versatile allowing me to operate 75 meters to 70 cm. at any time. I can operate HF and UHF/VHF simultaneously while in motion or as a portable station using other antennas.

I participate regularly in several of the Washington State nets and the "Salmon Run" (the Washington State QSO Party). I also participate in some of the DX contests and the annual emergency exercises.

This is but a thumbnail of my station and my operating interests.

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by K5CXO 7/26/2009 7:19:53 PM

I think there is a old saying ... “the one who dies with the most toys wins” ...

looks like you have a good start :)

73's Jim

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